The newest addition to Apple’s product line has passed, remarkably unnoticed. Due to the cancellation of the traditional event that the company organizes annually, the release was much quieter than usual. Nevertheless, the laptop has already been announced and fans of the budget series of MacBooks definitely have something to rejoice at. The device is still distinguished by premium features and stylish design. Today we have the opportunity to take a closer look at the 2020 Macbook Air.

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Traditionally, Macbooks come in several variants. The most affordable one runs on a 10th generation Intel Core i3 dual-core processor. The laptop has 256 GB of internal memory, unlike previous models that had a minimum of 128 GB b 8 U RAM. The laptop also launches at $899, up $100 from last year’s version. It’s quite rare that a company known for its high prices lowers them for customers.

In addition, the company launched a more expensive version. It runs on an Intel Core i5 processor and is the first time the Air model has received a quad-core CPU chip. The computer received 512 GB of SSD storage and 8 GB of RAM.

As with previous models, the MacBook Air 2020 can be upgraded with twice the RAM, up to 2TB of internal storage, and an accelerated Intel Core i7 processor. So you get a 1.2GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 16U, RAM and 2GB SSD.

In addition, the MacBook Air is available in three colors: space gray, gold and classic silver.

You can pre-order the laptop now, but it will go on sale only on March 23, if the situation with the official Apple stores closed due to the situation does not change.

Source: techradar

laptop design

There is no fundamental difference in the design of the 2020 model from the previous ones, at least on the outside. But when the formula is so successful, should it be changed?

The device is still light and miniature, as expected. Measuring 30.41 x 21.24 x 1.61 cm, the laptop is slightly thicker than the 2019 model. It also weighs a little more – 1.29 kg compared to 1.25 kg.

In addition, and this company is especially proud of, MacBook Air is made of recycled aluminum. It fits perfectly in a regular bag or backpack.

But even if the case itself hasn’t changed much in appearance, fans will be in for a pleasant surprise as soon as they open their new laptop. As with the Pro models, Apple has finally replaced the much-maligned butterfly keyboard with a scissors keyboard with a slightly different design.

The new “Magic” keyboard appeared last year and gained immense popularity.

The 1mm key travel provides a high typing response, and the arrows are positioned in an inverted T position, making them easier to use without even looking at the keyboard.

The delete key is also placed separately, and this is a direct response to requests from Apple fans. In addition, for biometric data protection, the laptop has a Touch ID function.

The new keyboard will please many, it is comfortable to use, and even for those who have never used a MacBook before, it will be easy to get used to it.

The computer received 2 USB Type-C ports on the case and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

MacBook Air owners tend to know what they’re getting into, so there’s no point in complaining about the lack of ports, especially since the laptop’s case format simply won’t allow for more. True, it should be noted that the base MacBook Pro and even some thin Windows-based laptops received the same number of ports. You should not worry, because you can rely entirely on wireless devices. With this, the MacBook Air has no problems. WiFi 6, for example, is fast and efficient.

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The screen also hasn’t changed much since last year, it’s still the same Retina but it has a few distinctive points. The MacBook Air 2020 received a 13.3-inch LED-backlit display with IPS technology and a native resolution of 2560×1600. It’s slightly better than full HD, but not quite as cool as 4K.

The image depth is 227 pixels per inch, which gives a clear and sharp picture. And the aspect ratio is 16:10.

Like last year’s model, the Air includes True Tone technology, which automatically adjusts the color temperature to the ambient light. The function is very convenient and we know this from experience with iPhones and iPads. It is almost imperceptible, but you will quickly get used to it, and life without True Tone will not be easy to imagine.

Surely watching videos will not be the only and main task of those who choose this laptop, so few people will be greatly disappointed by the fact that the color reproduction is not as perfect as in more advanced laptops, especially Mac laptops. Compared to them, the Air’s screen looks a little faded.

Ideally, the MacBook Air wouldn’t hurt with HDR support, but even without it, the smartphone does a great job, and the price justifies the lack of this feature.

In addition, the manufacturer offers a free subscription to Apple TV + for a year with the purchase of a MacBook Air 2020. True, there is a lot of HDR / 4K content on Apple TV.

Source: techradar


The base model of the MacBook Air is sure to become the most popular. It runs on an Intel i3 processor. The performance of the laptop is quite capable of impressing, even if you work in the Chrome browser, which eats up quite a lot of RAM, and run 25 tabs at once, the computer copes with a bang. So you can even open another window and edit photos in it.

If you switch between tasks, the speed does not drop too much, and this applies even when you need to start a video call. Of course, you will notice that the cooler will work more actively, but otherwise nothing will practically affect the work.

The laptop starts almost immediately when you turn it on.

The version with Intel Core i5 works even faster. The power consumption of this processor is only 10 watts, which means that the chip allows the laptop to work longer, even if its performance is limited.

Intel Iris Plus is responsible for the graphics and supports external displays with resolutions up to 6K. So, if you still want to use an Apple TV subscription and watch 4K videos, it’s quite possible with the right screen.

The built-in SSD memory is another parameter that was marked by outstanding speed. Recording is carried out at a speed of 1.324 Mb / s, and reading – at 1.169 Mb / s. This means that you can even edit video at 2160p at 60fps, but only in theory, since the rest of the system does not really support this figure.


The MacBook Air speakers definitely deserve special attention. Voice and sounds are reproduced clearly and even stand out from the sound effects if you are watching an action movie. It’s safe to say that the speakers are suitable not only for movies, but also for listening to music. For this, the company used the latest processing and tuning technologies. Stereo speakers provide up to 25% more volume. Apple also promised an immersive experience, though it can’t be compared to speakers or even high-end headphones.

You should not expect perfect results from them, but compared to other devices, especially if you connect an application like Boom to improve sound and volume, you will definitely not be disappointed.

Source: techradar


The battery does a great job, too, especially if you don’t plan on overburdening your computer with tasks. The good news is that the MacBook Air isn’t designed for gaming, and other tasks don’t drain battery as much. The manufacturer promises 11-12 hours of work and 30 hours of rest. These data are fully confirmed by tests: web surfing lands the laptop in about 11 hours, and watching 720p video from the built-in SSD drive at 50 percent screen brightness with WiFi turned on lands the laptop in about 15 hours. This is about 4 hours less than the previous model, but no less impressive.

Additional elements

The webcam offers 720p shooting, though Apple has been slow to upgrade it on laptops despite the Apple iMac already offering a Full HD camera.

Another element that will delight users is the trackpad. It is familiar, comfortable and, this time, 20% larger in size. This means that tasks will be much easier to complete.

Additionally, the manufacturer added a T2 security chip, which is responsible for data protection. This is necessary not only in order to effectively use Touch ID, but also in order to provide a secure online payment option with a fingerprint. This is also possible on the new MacBook Air, and it must be said that the feature is incredibly convenient.

The laptop also runs Hey Siri, a way to turn on Apple’s voice assistant. With its help, you can find the necessary files and documents, play music and even ask questions.


The MacBook Air is a very popular laptop model, especially among those who appreciate Apple products but are still not ready to spend too much on more advanced models. The 2020 model shows excellent results in many ways: performance, power, and battery.

Despite the outward resemblance to the previous version, inside the laptop is significantly different, and it is these differences that make it a great choice. However, all this is to be expected. What really surprised me was the new price of the laptop, it is not yet fully budget, but for the first time Apple has moved in the right direction, and perhaps in the future we will be lucky to see budget versions of other products.

The MacBook Air 2020 is great for those who prefer to work on the go or remotely. Its power and operating time allow you not to recharge the device for almost a whole day. Plus, the laptop is portable, a factor that makes it the first choice of all those who prefer dynamics. Even though for more serious tasks than office work or working with texts, you have to look for a more powerful device, the MacBook Air will still find its fans.


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