The 91mobiles portal, known for fairly accurate insiders, shared CAD renderings of the Apple Watch Pro, the company’s first watch with an emphasis on sports and outdoor activities.

Image: 91mobiles

Sources note that the Apple Watch Pro will have a size of 49 mm, which means that they will be noticeably larger than the current models. The display with very thin bezels is rumored to have a diagonal of 1.99″.

Image: 91mobiles

On the right side of the case, you can see a protrusion with an enlarged Digital Crown, a microphone and a flat button. The latter most likely has some kind of built-in sensor. And the usual multitasking button is located on the Apple Watch Pro on the left side, next to the speaker holes.

Image: 91mobiles

According to previous leaks, this watch model will be able to display more sports and health data, as well as have a larger battery and a low power mode. The body of the accessory will be made of durable titanium.

It’s not yet clear if this form factor will be used in regular Series 8 models, but it’s likely. We will find out for sure already on September 7, when both versions of the accessory should be presented, as well as the iPhone 14 and AirPods Pro 2 line.


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