The history of computer media is not very old. The first media (“Floppy disk”) appeared in 1969, but throughout its history it never reached a very large capacity that would allow recording a sufficiently large amount of information.
These media were later replaced by compact discs and finally USB flash memos, which are characterized by much greater durability and a sufficiently large capacity that allows storing various information. Currently, quite a few manufacturers can offer such memory sticks, so which of them can boast the best production?


A-Data is one of the most popular manufacturers of USB flash drives, which can offer a really large selection of products. Whether you only need to record one or another document from time to time, or you use the USB drive all the time, you can be sure that A-Data will offer you the most suitable options.
  • A-Data USB flash drives are sold at really favorable prices – this manufacturer’s media can be purchased for just a few euros. However, you can be assured that the memory stick will be durable and will last a really long time;
  • Most of the media offered by this manufacturer have removable connectors, so you can be sure that it will not be scratched by things in your pocket or purse;
Among the products of this manufacturer, you will be able to find media that are waterproof, so even if your USB flash drive gets wet, nothing will happen to the stored data.


This manufacturer is considered one of the most reliable manufacturers of USB flash drives. An extremely wide selection of memory sticks allows every buyer to choose a memory stick that would really perfectly justify their needs, and the price of the offered products is really good
  • Kingston USB flash drives can have dust protection, which ensures that your media will last a really long time – even if the drive is not used for a long time, you can be sure that the data on it will be completely safe;
  • Another important advantage of this manufacturer is that the offered USB media can have a really large capacity. If you have to store a fairly large amount of data, you can be sure that the products of this manufacturer will definitely not disappoint you;
  • Kingston offers a range of USB flash drives for travelers – just choose one that can be attached to your keys and you’ll always have the media with you.


  • For your convenience, we offer foldable USB flash drives that easily fit in your pocket or purse. It doesn’t matter where you are used to storing your flash drives, Goodram USB drives will definitely not require you to change your habits;
  • The memory sticks of this manufacturer are also characterized by a very favorable price – most of the products cost only 5-6 euros, but you can also choose more expensive media with a particularly large memory;
  • Waterproof USB flash drives are available, and the good thing is that they don’t cost more than regular USB drives. It is also offered to purchase such USB storage devices that are resistant to shocks, so you can enjoy even more reliable data storage;
  • Goodram USB flash drives are also appreciated for their excellent design – you can choose from a variety of colors and models, and you’re sure to find the product you like the most.
1a.lt can also offer flash memories from other manufacturers, so consider which criteria are most important to you (capacity, resistance, design, etc.), and this will help you find the most suitable choice. USB flash drives are currently offered at really favorable prices, so just choose the product that suits you best.


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