Xiaomi makes almost everything from computers to scales, and the new line of suitcases finally proves definitively that there are no products that Xiaomi won’t take on. I must say that the result of the Chinese company is always interesting. Let’s take a closer look at the Seven Bar Business series.

suitcase models

As with everything else, Xiaomi did not limit itself to creating one type of suitcase, but preferred to develop a whole series of different sizes: 20, 24 and 28 inches. To make it easier to imagine the dimensions, the smallest 20-inch suitcase fits perfectly into the dimensions of hand luggage. Models 24 and 28 inches are designed to fit in luggage. The colors are also different: yellow, red and light blue for those who prefer to immediately recognize their luggage from afar, and black or gray for those who prefer neutral tones. Otherwise, the suitcases are practically the same: they have a similar appearance and design.

Construction and materials

The 90FUN suitcases are made from rigid Makrolon® polycarbonate to protect the items placed inside from possible damage on the road. That is, you should immediately understand that the suitcase is not fabric. Plus, the three-layer composite structure, according to the manufacturer, is resistant to compression and stretching, so the suitcase will retain its shape after many trips. The surface also has a special structure that is water repellent and scratch resistant. Inside, everything will be safe and sound, and outwardly, the suitcase will also remain presentable even after being in the luggage department. The lining is made of polyester.

All this provides a small weight suitcase. So, the smallest version of it weighs 3.3 kg, the average – 4.6 kg, and the large – 5.2 kg. In general, suitcases are perceived as fairly light.

The phrase “Seven Bar” in the name actually refers to the seven bars that are placed on the case. They are there for a reason – this is done in order to increase the strength of the suitcase and strengthen its structure. The result is quite pleasing, as the body of the suitcase withstood special tests, including a collision with a 5-kilogram object with absolutely no cracks. Also, the surface did not flinch under the pressure of 40 kilograms.

suitcase handle

For many models of suitcases, the handle becomes a stumbling block. It can break from overload, be uncomfortable, etc. In a peculiar way, this problem was solved in 90FUN. The suitcase handle is made of anodized aluminum alloy. Its strength and durability, of course, can only be tested in practice. But when the suitcase is fully loaded with things, including books, the handle does not deform and allows you to quite simply change the position of the suitcase. By the way, the handle has a telescopic design with three levels of height adjustment. This means that people of different heights can use the suitcase, in the case of a small model, even children.

There are two carrying handles on the body of the suitcase. One is at the top, the other is on the side. Both handles are durable and comfortable. They are created from a special material that is pleasant to the touch and does not dig into the hand under load. The handles are also firmly fixed, so there is no feeling that they can break.


Of course, the suitcases from 90FUN move on wheels. The wheels rotate 360° around their axis, so there are no problems with the suitcase on turns and difficult surfaces. But as for the declared noiselessness, the test results are as follows: on a smooth surface, the wheels, of course, are very quiet. But on ribbed or paving stones they still create noise. However, it is significantly lower than in many other models. For example, in the morning on the street, such wheels do not risk waking up the whole block.

The wheels are 6cm in diameter and give the suitcase both enough mobility and stability when needed. The suitcase does not collapse under load and does not roll on a flat surface. Also, the wheels are foldable, so that if necessary, they can be folded and reduce the size of luggage.


Like most other suitcases, the 90FUN closes with a zip. We can say about the fittings that it is of a fairly high quality and inspires confidence. The suitcase also has a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) code lock. That is, in the event of a search at the airport or at customs, the lock will be opened with a special key and remain intact. The lock closes with a three-digit code. The starting position is 000, but you can change it at any time. The lock is also conveniently placed – not on the top of the suitcase, but on the side. So, you can always conveniently place a travel bag on your suitcase.

Pockets and compartments

Outside, the body of the suitcase is one-piece and has no additional pockets, so all responsibility lies with the internal compartments. Inside, 90FUN has two compartments separated from each other by curtains with zippers. For additional things inside there is a bag and a pocket for small items. The bag is detachable and designed for dirty or wet things, in which they will be completely securely removed and will not affect things lying nearby. If you take a large suitcase, of course, you should not even think about leaving a laptop, camera or other valuable items in it. But the small model is just right for putting down the equipment and not worrying about its safety at all, especially considering the combination lock.

In general, Xiaomi suitcases can be called an excellent choice for anyone who travels a lot. If large models are good for holidays, then small ones are just perfect for business trips and business trips. And of course, as always, the very budget price of Xiaomi becomes a pleasant addition, since the suitcases are affordable and convenient.


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