Xiaomi, which, as you know, is engaged in the release of everything in the world – from smartphones to umbrellas, from testers to smart flower pots – has released quite successful fitness solutions – Mi Band, Mi Band 1s and Mi Band 2 bracelets. These the bracelets were a huge success thanks to their long battery life and a very humane price tag. The company recently announced the first smartwatch released in collaboration with Huami. In today’s review, we will consider them.

First, let’s take a look at the characteristics of the device:

Display 1.32 inches, 320×300 pixels
CPU 1.2 GHz dual core
RAM 512 MB
Persistent memory 4 GB
Operating system Proprietary
Interfaces Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE), GPS/GLONASS
Sensors Heart rate monitor (optical), pedometer
Dust and water protection IP67
Display scratch protection Yes, Gorilla Glass
Working hours 11 days in clock display mode, 5 days in pedometer mode, 35 hours with GPS enabled
Additional features Playing music recorded on the watch, displaying notifications from a smartphone, compass, stopwatch, weather forecast
Compatibility Android, iOS
Battery 280 mAh
The weight 54 g

The Amazfit Smartwatch, marketed in the west as Amazfit Pace, is not based on Android Wear, but on its own operating system. Most likely, this is a modified version of the usual Android. Claimed to be protected from dust and moisture with a degree of IP67, that is, the watch is completely protected from dust and partially from water: it is resistant to rain and can be lowered into water up to 1 m deep for a short time.

The Amazfit Smartwatch package includes the watch itself, a microUSB cable, a charging dock and instructions.

The watch strap is black and red. It is made of a pleasant silicone material, the watch sits perfectly on the hand and does not dangle. The strap is easy to change thanks to the detachable design.

The screen is covered with protective glass Gorilla Glass, so you can not be afraid of accidental scratches. In idle mode, it is turned on at minimum brightness, while displaying the time, number of steps, the number of kilometers traveled and the remaining charge. The screen is additionally highlighted if you raise your hand to find out the time.

The screen is unlocked with a single button. Long press will turn the clock on and off.

The transition between the screens is carried out by “swipe” left and right. In addition, you can “swipe” up from the main screen – there are information about the weather, information about how much the watch will still work before it is completely discharged, setting the clock and turning on the silent mode. Swipe down to open notifications.

The scope of the functions performed by the watch is quite large: in addition to the fitness functionality itself, they have an alarm clock and a compass, as well as the ability to play music, display the weather, monitor sleep, measure heart rate, and search for a phone.

The watch has an internal 4 GB eMMC memory, which allows you to upload your music and listen to them via Bluetooth headphones. There is not much free space, only about 2 GB. That’s approximately 14 hours of MP3 music at a maximum quality of 320 kbps. In addition, you can download music through the built-in Watercress FM service, which will select it for you based on your tempo. True, it loads quite slowly – the remoteness of the Chinese servers affects.

The watch has built-in GPS, thanks to which you can accurately measure the distance traveled and record the training track. GPS is activated at the start of a workout. Satellites with a cold start are searched for a long time – about 3-5 minutes, with a warm start – about a minute or two. It is best to activate the training away from houses and trees – satellites will be found faster. As soon as the watch finds satellites, it vibrates briefly. You can start training.

Several different types of workouts are available: running, walking, biking, stationary bike, treadmill, mountain running. At the time of training, the pulse is read continuously and is included in the final statistics. It should be noted that the error in measuring the pulse is large – about 10%, so the watch is unlikely to suit professional athletes. Steps are also counted, the trajectory is recorded. Each kilometer traveled, the watch vibrates briefly, showing the average speed for the last kilometer. During a workout, the screen displays information about the distance traveled, average speed, number of steps taken and heart rate. You can pause your workout by simply swiping left.

After a workout, you can view detailed statistics and a workout track.

You can set up a training plan. The plans available are Beginner, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon. The plan was drawn up for several weeks. This is necessary in order to prepare for a certain distance. The watch will tell you when to rest and when to train. The training plan may include swimming, fartlek and cycling.

The watch has the function of displaying alerts, which they signal by vibration. Also, Amazfit Smartwatch will remind you to move if you sit continuously in one place for a long time.

The achievement system is interesting. “Achievements” are issued for passing a certain distance.

The watch has a charging dock that connects to the watch using 4 pins. The battery of the watch, according to the manufacturer, is enough for 35 hours of training with GPS and a heart rate monitor turned on, 5 days with short daily workouts and 11 days without training. The manufacturer, in our opinion, is at least a little, but disingenuous. After an hour of training, the charge indicator of the watch sat down by 5%, and a day later the watch lost 25% of the charge. In any case, it’s already good that you don’t have to charge them every day.

A big fly in the ointment was the fact that the clock just hung when turned on. Thanks to the “Photosklad” service center – the problem was solved by flashing. Maybe just a bad batch. However, after flashing, the official application from Google Play did not want to pair with the clock. I had to search and install the Chinese version of the application. The application interface is almost completely translated into English, so there were no problems with this. But then another problem arose – the Amazfit Smartwatch application refused to integrate with the Mi Fit application. There is no integration with the Strava app in the Chinese version of the app. It turned out to be possible to view the statistics only on the watch, which, by the way, is quite detailed.

It is because of this that Amazfit Smartwatch is still difficult to unequivocally recommend for purchase. But if you like to deal with technology, then you should pay attention to them, since the watch is rich in functionality and quite inexpensive compared to competitors, and new versions of applications are released almost every week. Perhaps one of them will finally fix all the bugs, and you can view the statistics on your smartphone and share the results with your friends on the Strava social network for athletes.


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