New Xiaomi Bone Conduction Headphones wireless headphones have been released in China. As the name implies, they use bone conduction: sound is transmitted to the user not through the air, but through sound vibrations along the temporal bone.

Thanks to this technology, even in a quiet room, no one will hear what exactly is playing from you, since the sound is transmitted directly to the inner ear. On the other hand, the user will be able to fully hear the surrounding sounds, which is especially important when exercising outdoors.

Bluetooth 5.2 is used to connect to the sound source, fast connection to MIUI is supported. The manufacturer promises a delay of no more than 86 ms.

Autonomy is 12 hours. Fast charging via USB-C is supported: 10 minutes of recharging is enough for 2 hours of use. Dust and moisture protection IP66 is declared: the headphones are not afraid of sweat and splashes of water, but full immersion is not recommended.

Xiaomi Bone Conduction Headphones are already on sale in China at a price of 699 yuan


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