How to check if laptop power supply is working?


Users often apply with block nutri­tion less care­ful­ly, how with by myself lap­top. AT as a result of this there may be prob­lems with the charg­ing process and with the oper­a­tion of the lap­top as a whole. How­ev­er before top­ics, how apply to ser­vice cen­ter, costs make sure, real­ly li mal­func­tion asso­ci­at­ed with PSU fail­ure. How this is do?

Dam­aged block nutri­tionthis is mal­func­tion, which hap­pens very often. To for­tu­nate­ly, this is not as seri­ous as it seems. Faulty adapter for lap­top can fast replace with a sim­i­lar device, which will help you choose here How­ev­er, before how buy new PSU, costs con­duct self-diag­no­sis.

Control lamp

Major­i­ty adapters for lap­tops have light indi­ca­tor. More often Total he glows green and lights up at con­nect­ing devices to elec­tri­cal net­works. If a con­trol lamp not reacts on con­nec­tion to net­works, means block food defec­tive. Also costs remem­ber, what blink­ing the LED maybe bear wit­ness to notcor­rect­ness with sides mater­nal fees lap­top.


Faulty adapter lap­top can reveal in that case, if he over­heats in time work. Rec­om­mend­ed, to charg­er device had a pow­er reserve of 30% greater than the con­sump­tion of the lap­top. If this con­di­tion is not met, then the pow­er sup­ply over­heats and there are inter­rup­tions in its oper­a­tion. Such sit­u­a­tion dan­ger­ous for com­put­er and maybe lead to his irre­versible dam­age. That’s why rec­om­mend­ed replace block food.

Verify voltage

Also we we can talk about break­down block nutri­tion lap­top, when he issues incor­rect, that there is too much low or too much high volt­age. it can light ver­i­fy with help the sim­plest mul­ti­me­ter. How low, So and high volt­age have a detri­men­tal effect on PC per­for­mance.

Power connector

Cause exit from build­ing charg­er devices lap­top can be fork dam­age net­work cord, that there is ele­ment, con­nect­ing charg­er device with lap­top. Also com­mon by sexkacliff cable. it maybe hap­pen, if cord was strong­ly curved or repeat­ed­ly locat­ed in wrong posi­tion.

Charg­ers devices for lap­topsrel­a­tive­ly cheap and very avail­able devices. If a is found mal­func­tion, then bet­ter replace his how can quick­er. Ignor­ing Prob­lems maybe lead to dam­age lap­top and increase costs on repair.







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