How to copy text from an image in the browser


Imag­ine that you need to copy text from an image or extract it from a video. The obvi­ous way is to retype it by hand. But if there is a lot of text, this task can be extreme­ly tedious. A spe­cial brows­er exten­sion for auto­mat­ic char­ac­ter recog­ni­tion can help.

Exten­sion Сopy­fish can extract text from pic­tures, videos and non-editable PDF doc­u­ments. There is also a trans­la­tion func­tion, but it is only avail­able in paid ver­sions of the exten­sion.

To rec­og­nize and copy text, you need to click on the exten­sion icon on the brows­er pan­el, and then select the desired area in the pic­ture. You can also right-click on the image and select Copy­fish Get Text From Image from the con­text menu.

Please note: by default, the exten­sion rec­og­nizes all char­ac­ters as Latin. To rec­og­nize the Cyril­lic alpha­bet, you need to change the lan­guage in the appli­ca­tion set­tings, after select­ing the recog­ni­tion engine Free OCR Engine 1. The rec­og­nized text is dis­played in a pop-up win­dow in the low­er right cor­ner of the screen.

Copy­fish is not the most urgent­ly need­ed, but still an extreme­ly use­ful tool that can come in handy for any­one who deals with texts on the Inter­net. Giv­en this, we rec­om­mend keep­ing it in mind.







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