12 best dinnerware sets — Rating 2022

The dish­es should fit into the over­all con­cept and look har­mo­nious in the inte­ri­or, should be made of envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly mate­ri­als, and should not require enhanced care. If all these para­me­ters are present, then cook­ing and eat­ing will be a joy for both the host­ess and all house­hold mem­bers.

Man­u­fac­tur­ers make it pos­si­ble to choose sin­gle copies of house­hold items. But the most impor­tant thing is the pur­chase of a set of dish­es. This applies to new­ly­weds who are just start­ing to equip their lives, new set­tlers who have decid­ed to com­plete­ly change all the items, and just those who want to pur­chase use­ful and prac­ti­cal things in a sin­gle styl­is­tic con­cept.

Cook­ing sets can include 2–3 items, or it can be a mul­ti­func­tion­al set of 10 items or more. They include pots of var­i­ous sizes, fry­ing pans, stew­pans, ladles. They are made of cast iron, brass, stain­less steel, alu­minum, enam­eled met­al, tita­ni­um. The main thing when buy­ing is to con­sid­er the type of hob, since not all prod­ucts can be used on a par­tic­u­lar stove.

Serv­ing sets are var­ied. Some con­sist only of plates for dif­fer­ent pur­pos­es or glass­es. Oth­ers include glass­es, wine glass­es, wine glass­es, cut­lery. Mate­ri­als for the man­u­fac­ture of prod­ucts: glass, porce­lain, crys­tal, met­al. The buy­er can choose the opti­mal­ly suit­able set for both a mod­ern kitchen inte­ri­or and a clas­sic one. The dish­es are made in a lacon­ic design or in a more fes­tive one with artis­tic hand-paint­ing.

Among the large assort­ment of house­hold items pre­sent­ed in stores today, we select­ed 12 sets that out­per­formed the rest in terms of sales. Numer­ous reviews sin­gled them out as the best, and experts, after ana­lyz­ing their char­ac­ter­is­tics, agreed with the opin­ion of buy­ers.

Rating of the best dinnerware sets

The best dinnerware sets for table setting

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Table service Top Art Studio Infini 16 items

Rat­ing: 4.9

Table service Top Art Studio Infini.jpg

The leader in this cat­e­go­ry is a set that will pro­vide a fam­i­ly of 4 with the nec­es­sary uten­sils. It includes plates 20 and 26.6 cm, sal­ad bowls and mugs of 300 ml. The French brand uses pre­mi­um qual­i­ty porce­lain in the pro­duc­tion. Thin-walled mate­r­i­al is high­ly durable and unpre­ten­tious in care. It does not affect health and the envi­ron­ment, improves the nutri­tion­al and aro­mat­ic prop­er­ties of prod­ucts.

The design is made in accor­dance with the lat­est fash­ion trends. Prod­ucts look very styl­ish and pre­sentable. Dish­es can also be used when serv­ing a fes­tive table. In addi­tion to exter­nal attrac­tive­ness, the prac­ti­cal side is also thought out. Prod­ucts are used for heat­ing in a microwave oven. They can be cleaned by any means and washed in the dish­wash­er. Plaque and stains on the inner sur­face of the glass­es are not formed.

Gift pack­ag­ing allows you to present the kit to friends or rel­a­tives for any cel­e­bra­tion. A def­i­nite plus is the oppor­tu­ni­ty to buy more items in the same style deci­sion. All reviews about the kit are only pos­i­tive. The price cor­re­sponds to the qual­i­ty of the prod­uct. Dur­ing the dis­count peri­od, you can save a lot on your pur­chase.


  • pre­mi­um qual­i­ty;
  • a com­plete set for the fam­i­ly;
  • fash­ion­able orig­i­nal design;
  • use in the microwave;
  • wash­ing by any means.

Table service Domenik Caress Modern 19 items DM9112

Rat­ing: 4.8

Table service Domenik Caress Modern 19 items DM9112.jpg

The sec­ond prize is a ser­vice made in a clas­sic noble style with mod­ern ele­ments from high-qual­i­ty porce­lain. It will dec­o­rate the inte­ri­or of any kitchen, help to serve the fes­tive table and make the dai­ly meal pleas­ant and aes­thet­i­cal­ly attrac­tive. The set includes 19 items. These are soup, din­ner, dessert and sal­ad bowls.

Prod­ucts are not made in the stan­dard round shape. Square plates with round­ed cor­ners look orig­i­nal and are con­ve­nient for serv­ing and eat­ing food. The dish­es, despite the exter­nal fragili­ty, have an unlim­it­ed ser­vice life. Porce­lain always looks like after pur­chase. Prod­ucts can be used in the microwave and cleaned in the dish­wash­er.

The set will be a great option for a gift for a wed­ding, anniver­sary and oth­er occa­sions. Its design will nev­er go out of style. Col­or­ful pack­ag­ing will add solem­ni­ty when pre­sent­ing a present. Buy­ers not­ed both the exter­nal design and per­for­mance. The kit has earned high marks and rec­om­men­da­tions from all users.


  • mate­ri­als of the high­est grade;
  • long ser­vice life;
  • high-qual­i­ty cov­er­age;
  • unusu­al design;
  • sim­ple care.

Dobrush Porcelain Factory Dinner service Dove Beau monde gold 37 items

Rat­ing: 4.7

Dobrush Porcelain Factory

In third place is a set that will help beau­ti­ful­ly set a table for 6 peo­ple. The ele­gant design sets it apart from sim­i­lar sets. All mate­ri­als are of high qual­i­ty and envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly. Porce­lain dec­o­rat­ed with paint­ing. Prod­ucts have branch­es from gold. The set includes large, stan­dard and small din­ner plates, soup and dessert plates, an oval dish, a her­ring bowl, a soup bowl, large and small sal­ad bowls, mus­tard, salt and pep­per shak­ers.

The table ser­vice looks very fes­tive. But thanks to sim­ple care, it is used in every­day life. The coat­ing is not erased through­out the use of the ser­vice. Prod­ucts can be washed in a dish­wash­er. Porce­lain does not dark­en. Through­out the entire peri­od of oper­a­tion, it retains its con­sumer qual­i­ties.

Accord­ing to reviews, many peo­ple buy a set as a gift for a wed­ding or anniver­saries to friends and rel­a­tives. After use and pos­i­tive reviews, they buy for their own use, mak­ing sure that the aes­thet­i­cal­ly attrac­tive dish­es are prac­ti­cal. For all the char­ac­ter­is­tics of the set were giv­en high marks. It is also rec­om­mend­ed by our experts.


  • a wide range of prod­ucts;
  • high qual­i­ty porce­lain;
  • ele­gant design;
  • safe mate­ri­als;
  • easy care.

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Tea set Bekker Koch15 items

Rat­ing: 4.6

Tea set Bekker Koch15 pr.jpg

The fourth line is occu­pied by a ser­vice designed for tea drink­ing for 6 peo­ple. It includes 15 items. This teapot, sug­ar bowl, milk jug, cups and saucers. Uni­ver­sal design is suit­able for both dai­ly use and for serv­ing a fes­tive table. High-qual­i­ty porce­lain will ensure a long ser­vice life. Envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly mate­r­i­al does not affect the taste and qual­i­ty of drinks, retains heat for a long time.

Opti­mal wall thick­ness is com­fort­able while drink­ing drinks. The han­dles are com­fort­able. Smooth, non-ribbed sur­face is easy to clean from dirt. Tea plaque does not set­tle on the walls. The white­ness of the inside is not stained. Ket­tle and sug­ar bowl have opti­mal vol­umes.

Buy­ers not­ed the del­i­cate design with­out bright, flashy col­ors, which is con­ducive to a calm and relaxed pas­time in the cir­cle of house­holds and guests. The con­nois­seurs of the clas­sics liked the refined and refined design. Many high­light­ed the high qual­i­ty of per­for­mance. With vis­i­ble fragili­ty, the dish­es are quite durable. Facil­i­tat­ed care will not take much time from the host­ess.


  • good qual­i­ty;
  • the opti­mal num­ber of items;
  • ele­gant flo­ral arrange­ment;
  • con­ve­nient appli­ca­tion;
  • light weight.

Table service ROSENBERG RPO-100015–26 26 items

Rat­ing: 4.5

Table service ROSENBERG RPO-100015-26.jpg

In the fifth posi­tion — a set of table­ware for serv­ing the fes­tive table and dai­ly meals. It includes all the nec­es­sary items to dine with first and sec­ond cours­es and fin­ish the meal with tea. High-qual­i­ty porce­lain endures exter­nal influ­ences. White­ness and gloss do not dis­ap­pear with time, while main­tain­ing high con­sumer qual­i­ties.

The set includes soup, dessert and medi­um plates for sec­ond cours­es, one large sal­ad bowl, milk jug, teapot, sug­ar bowl, cups and saucers. In order not to get out of a sin­gle con­cept, the man­u­fac­tur­er includ­ed a salt and pep­per shak­er. The artis­tic fin­ish is made in a uni­ver­sal style that is suit­able for var­i­ous serv­ing options and will suc­cess­ful­ly fit into the inte­ri­or of any kitchen or din­ing room.

Ger­man qual­i­ty fails again. Accord­ing to reviews, the dish­es per­form well with reg­u­lar every­day use. It can be placed in the microwave oven, washed in the dish­wash­er with­out the risk of destruc­tion. The image does not fade, the bright­ness is main­tained for the entire ser­vice life. Buy­ers rec­om­mend this set both for per­son­al use and as a present. Gift wrap­ping will enhance the impres­sion of the ser­vice.


  • Euro­pean pro­duc­tion;
  • high qual­i­ty porce­lain;
  • a large num­ber of items;
  • suit­able for microwave oven;
  • wash­ing by any means.

Table service Luminarc Ambiante Eclipse H0242 31 items

Rat­ing: 4.4


The sixth place set has been a top sell­er for a long time. Due to its prac­ti­cal­i­ty, it is used not only at home, but also in offices and cater­ing estab­lish­ments. The pack­age includes 31 prod­ucts: soup, din­ner, dessert plates, 6 pieces each, small por­tion sal­ad bowls and one large one, 6 stan­dard mugs of 250 ml. The thick­ness of the glass is com­fort­able for drink­ing tea. The plates also have a con­ve­nient shape.

Tem­pered glass is able to with­stand impact and clean­ing with abra­sive prod­ucts. It can be washed in the dish­wash­er and used in the microwave. On brown, plaque and stains are not vis­i­ble. It is suit­able for both dai­ly and fes­tive serv­ing. Prod­ucts har­mo­nious­ly look with oth­er objects not only of this shade.

Accord­ing to tests car­ried out by an inde­pen­dent lab­o­ra­to­ry, Lumi­narc table­ware with­stands all neg­a­tive fac­tors while main­tain­ing a per­fect appear­ance and shine. Prac­ti­cal­i­ty and a styl­ish ver­sa­tile design make it pos­si­ble to keep the pop­u­lar­i­ty of the set, which has received many pos­i­tive reviews. This is an excel­lent solu­tion for new­ly­weds and new set­tlers, which will pro­vide a com­plete set of table­ware at a bud­get price.


  • impact-resis­tant tem­pered glass;
  • uni­ver­sal appli­ca­tion;
  • for all types of cleans­ing;
  • long ser­vice life;
  • mod­ern design.

The best cooking utensils

Set of dishes Taller Shelborne TR-1047 13 items

Rat­ing: 4.9

Set of dishes Taller Shelborne TR-1047.jpg

The first place is occu­pied by a set that is suit­able for all types of stoves, includ­ing induc­tion. The man­u­fac­tur­er has col­lect­ed in it the opti­mal num­ber of items that will be use­ful in the kitchen for cook­ing for a stan­dard fam­i­ly. It includes 4 pans with a capac­i­ty of 1.5, 2.2, 3.2 and 5 liters, a ladle — 1.5 liters, a fry­ing pan and a bake­lite stand. Exter­nal pol­ish­ing of the met­al is mat­te, inter­nal is mir­ror.

The han­dles are fas­tened with riv­ets. They are made of stain­less steel with sil­i­cone inserts, which are dis­tin­guished by high ther­mal insu­la­tion char­ac­ter­is­tics, are pleas­ant to the touch, and pre­vent slip­ping. The mul­ti-lay­er encap­su­lat­ed bot­tom makes it pos­si­ble to ful­ly pre­serve the nutri­tion­al prop­er­ties of the prod­ucts. Food does­n’t burn. Heat­ing occurs even­ly, with­out tem­per­a­ture drops.

The lids are made of heat-resis­tant glass and have a steam out­let. The pan and ladle have loops for hang­ing on hooks. Pots have size marks. Cus­tomers pur­chase the set for their own use and as a gift. The ele­gant design was appre­ci­at­ed by many house­wives who need aes­thet­ic per­cep­tion in every­thing. Accord­ing to reviews, even with many years of use of dish­es, its appear­ance does not lose its attrac­tive­ness.


  • good equip­ment;
  • for all types of burn­ers;
  • com­fort­able, non-heat­ing han­dles;
  • thick bot­tom — 2.8 cm;
  • qual­i­ty steel.

Cookware set VANHOPPER Edinburg 8 items

Rat­ing: 4.8

Cookware set VANHOPPER Edinburg 8 pr.jpg

The sec­ond prize win­ner is a set of three pans with a capac­i­ty of 2.4, 3.3, 5.6 liters and a ladle ‑1.7 liters. They are made of durable stain­less steel, not sub­ject to cor­ro­sion, chem­i­cal, ther­mal and mechan­i­cal influ­ences. It’s easy to clean. There are no stains on the sur­face, the gloss is pre­served for the entire peri­od of use. Exter­nal weight­less­ness is decep­tive. Items are very durable and reli­able in oper­a­tion. Tem­pered glass lids are edged with a met­al rim for greater dura­bil­i­ty. Steam escapes through the hole, pre­vent­ing the liq­uid from boil­ing away. Con­ve­nient vol­ume mark­ings.

The three-lay­er cap­sule bot­tom con­sists of an alu­minum plate and two lay­ers of steel. This design cre­ates the effect of a Russ­ian oven, pre­serv­ing all the use­ful sub­stances of the prod­ucts. Heat­ing occurs quick­ly and even­ly. The fin­ished dish remains fra­grant and hot for a long time. Food nev­er burns. In pans, you can cook with a min­i­mum amount of water and oil.

Hol­low han­dles have pro­tec­tive inserts with heat-insu­lat­ing mate­r­i­al. For max­i­mum con­ve­nience of the house­wives, all con­tain­ers are equipped with spouts for drain­ing the liq­uid. Appear­ance received spe­cial praise. Noble design will make func­tion­al items an adorn­ment of any kitchen. Can be washed in the dish­wash­er. Sim­ple care adds to the argu­ments in favor of choos­ing this set.


  • for any plates with­out lim­i­ta­tion;
  • food accord­ing to the prin­ci­ple of PP and healthy lifestyle;
  • wash­ing in the dish­wash­er;
  • durable trans­par­ent lids;
  • mea­sur­ing scale.

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Cookware set Bekker De Luxe BK-2865 9 items

Rat­ing: 4.7

Cookware set Bekker De Luxe BK-2865 9 pr.jpg

The third place is occu­pied by a mul­ti­func­tion­al set, which con­sists of 3 pans (2.7 l, 3.6 l, 6.3 l) made of high-qual­i­ty stain­less steel with a mir­ror pol­ish. Also includ­ed is a steam­er, a deep-fry­ing bas­ket and a hot plate. The encap­su­lat­ed bot­tom helps to cook healthy and whole­some food with full preser­va­tion of the nutri­tion­al prop­er­ties of the ingre­di­ents. The com­bi­na­tion of alu­minum and steel pro­vides fast heat­ing and long-term main­te­nance of a high tem­per­a­ture.

Com­fort­able han­dles are equipped with bake­lite inserts that do not con­duct heat. The lids are also made of stain­less steel. Ther­mal sen­sors built into them help to con­trol the process and com­ply with the spec­i­fied tem­per­a­ture regime. Along the edges of the prod­ucts there is a rim that will pre­vent the spread­ing of water when fill­ing and drain­ing and will help keep the walls clean.

The fry­ing bas­ket is equipped with a remov­able han­dle. The pots are marked with a mea­sur­ing scale. The met­al is not afraid of tem­per­a­ture changes and mechan­i­cal shocks. Items can be used in the oven and cleaned in the dish­wash­er. The set has passed the test of time and is rec­om­mend­ed for pur­chase by many house­wives.


  • heat­ing indi­ca­tors on the lids;
  • ther­mal stor­age prop­er­ties;
  • high qual­i­ty mate­ri­als;
  • ergonom­ic heat-resis­tant han­dles;
  • allowed to be washed in the dish­wash­er.


  • not suit­able for induc­tion sur­faces.

Set of dishes Rondell Flamme RDS-040 8 items

Rat­ing: 4.7

Cookware set Rondell Flamme RDS-040 8 pr.jpg

On the fourth line is a set of three pots of cur­rent vol­umes (2.3 l, 3.2 l, 5.7 l) for every­day cook­ing and a ladle (1.3 l). The thick­ened bot­tom of 5 cm makes it pos­si­ble to com­plete­ly refuse the addi­tion of oil and water. Three-lay­er design reduces cook­ing time by 30%. Even after turn­ing off, heat treat­ment takes place, which sig­nif­i­cant­ly saves the fam­i­ly bud­get. Heat is dis­trib­uted even­ly from the bot­tom to all walls. Burn­ing of food is absolute­ly exclud­ed. There are con­ve­nient dis­place­ment marks.

By pro­duc­tion food stain­less steel was used. It has high strength and does not lose its con­sumer qual­i­ties under any kind of exter­nal influ­ences. The design of the lid is designed for max­i­mum ease of drain­ing the liq­uid. You just need to turn it with the per­fo­rat­ed side to the spout of the pan. Han­dles are equipped with sil­i­cone inserts. They are pleas­ant to the touch, do not heat up and do not slip.

Prod­ucts can be cleaned by any means, includ­ing the dish­wash­er. Ergonom­ic design fits per­fect­ly in both mod­ern and clas­sic inte­ri­ors. With a set, the host­ess will spend less time in the kitchen, and the cook­ing process itself will deliv­er only pos­i­tive emo­tions.


  • strong durable steel;
  • drain­ing liq­uid with­out effort;
  • opti­mal heat stor­age;
  • healthy prop­er food;
  • encap­su­lat­ed thick bot­tom.

Pan set Tefal Ingenio Black 04181820 3 items

Rat­ing: 4.6

Tefal Ingenio Black 04181820 3 ex.

The fifth is a set that will come in handy for every house­wife. The Tefal brand has long earned the trust of Russ­ian buy­ers, so its prod­ucts are con­stant­ly lead­ing in terms of sales. He does not stop there, apply­ing inno­v­a­tive mate­ri­als and advanced tech­nolo­gies in pro­duc­tion. Fry­ing pans with a diam­e­ter of 24 and 28 cm are made of light­weight alu­minum.

The inter­nal Teflon coat­ing allows you to cook with a min­i­mum amount of oil. The food does not burn, does not stick, it is well removed after cook­ing. Durabase tech­nol­o­gy even­ly dis­trib­utes heat from the cen­ter to the walls in spe­cial beams. The han­dle is remov­able so the pans can be used in the oven. It has an ergonom­ic shape, does not heat up, does not slip. Thanks to this design, the set is con­ve­nient to store, does not take up much space.

The dish­es are com­fort­able to use and require a min­i­mum of effort when clean­ing. The heat­ing indi­ca­tor will show the readi­ness sta­tus of the pan. Prod­ucts can be washed in a dish­wash­er. All buy­ers rat­ed the improved set for a sol­id “five”.


  • exter­nal and inter­nal non-stick coat­ing;
  • Ther­mo Spot heat­ing indi­ca­tor;
  • 10 year war­ran­ty for Inge­nio pen;
  • increased wear resis­tance;
  • max­i­mum ease of use and stor­age.


  • not used on induc­tion cook­tops.

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Pot set Interos Olives 15231 6 items

Rat­ing: 4.4

Pot set Interos Olives 15231 6.jpg

The sixth place is tak­en by a set that will appeal to you with its bright design. Despite the short­com­ings of enam­el­ware, here the man­u­fac­tur­er took into account all the nuances. Three pans with a vol­ume of 2.1, 3.1 and 4 liters are designed for all types of sur­faces, includ­ing induc­tion. With­out a lid, they can be used for cook­ing in the oven. Steel thick­ness — 0.8 mm. Durable enam­el is impact resis­tant.

The design is made in white and green col­ors. A col­or­ful image does not lose its bright­ness regard­less of the impacts. Lids are made of enam­elled steel. The dou­ble-lay­er enam­el coat­ing on the sur­face pre­vents food from stick­ing and makes the steel stronger and more durable. The sur­face does not dark­en, is not cov­ered with stains and stains.

Mono­lith­ic han­dles are com­fort­able dur­ing the cook­ing process. Uni­form dis­tri­b­u­tion of heat pre­vents the loss of vit­a­mins and min­er­als of prod­ucts. The set makes a great gift for any occa­sion. Cute design and prac­ti­cal­i­ty make it use­ful and enjoy­able. The set comes in a bright gift box.


  • envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly mate­ri­als;
  • cook­ing on all types of stoves and in the oven;
  • high wear resis­tance;


  • heat­ed han­dles.

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