TOP Siemens built-in dishwashers 60 cm wide



Built-in dish­wash­ers with a width of 60 cm are indis­pens­able helpers that fit per­fect­ly into any mod­ern kitchen and take on the task of clean­ing dirty dish­es.

When choos­ing a dish­wash­er, you need to pay atten­tion to many details, as well as take into account all the advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages of wide mod­els.

Device Features

The main fea­ture of the 60 cm wide dish­wash­er is its large capac­i­ty.

Mod­els of this size can accom­mo­date up to 14 sets of dirty dish­es.

You can also wash pots, pans and bak­ing sheets in it — they fit per­fect­ly and are washed well.

Siemens built-in dish­wash­ers are equipped with a vari­ety of auto­mat­ed wash­ing pro­grams, which makes it easy to work with the device.

The most com­mon set of pro­grams is as fol­lows:

  • inten­sive pro­gram for heav­i­ly soiled dish­es;
  • express pro­gram (quick cycle);
  • eco­nom­i­cal pro­gram for light­ly soiled dish­es;
  • pre-soak mode.

Most Siemens dish­wash­ers have such use­ful addi­tion­al fea­tures as a water puri­ty sen­sor, indi­ca­tors for the pres­ence of salt and rinse aid, a delay start timer and an audi­ble sig­nal indi­cat­ing the end of the wash.

Many mod­els are also equipped with pro­tec­tion against leak­age and inter­ven­tion of chil­dren in the oper­a­tion of the house­hold appli­ance..


Advantages and disadvantages


  • beau­ti­ful and mod­ern design;
  • spa­cious­ness and ergonom­ics;
  • auto­mat­ed built-in pro­grams — for exam­ple, half load mode.


  • instal­la­tion dif­fi­cul­ties in a small kitchen

How to choose and what to look for?

Before you decide to buy such a house­hold appli­ance as a built-in dish­wash­er with a width of 60 cm, you should pay atten­tion to the fol­low­ing par­tic­u­lar­ly impor­tant indi­ca­tors:

  • capac­i­ty;
  • clean­ing class;
  • con­sump­tion of water and elec­tric­i­ty;
  • type of dry­ing;
  • noise lev­el;
  • leak­age pro­tec­tion;
  • pro­tec­tion from child inter­fer­ence.

Wide mod­els of dish­wash­ers con­tain, as a rule, from 12 to 14 sets of dish­es.

This option is suit­able for a fam­i­ly of 3–4 peo­ple or those who often receive guests. If you do not need to wash large vol­umes of dish­es, then you should opt for a nar­row­er mod­el.

The qual­i­ty of wash­ing a house­hold appli­ance direct­ly depends on the clean­ing class.

The high­est class of wash­ing is con­sid­ered to be the class denot­ed by the let­ter A.

Siemens dish­wash­er mod­els have exact­ly this clas­si­fi­ca­tion. Bet­ter clean­ing also occurs due to the fact that in wide mod­els the dish­es are locat­ed more freely and are washed bet­ter.

When choos­ing a dish­wash­er, it is impor­tant to take into account the lev­el of con­sump­tion of water and elec­tric­i­ty by the device.. The less resources are con­sumed, the more envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly and eco­nom­i­cal the oper­a­tion of the house­hold appli­ance is.

The opti­mal noise lev­el that the device is capa­ble of pro­duc­ing dur­ing its oper­a­tion is con­sid­ered to be 45–52 dB. If the noise from a work­ing house­hold appli­ance exceeds 55 dB, then it is worth aban­don­ing it in favor of qui­eter mod­els.

Most mod­ern mod­els of dish­wash­ers are equipped with full or par­tial pro­tec­tion against leaks, as well as block­ing the dis­play and but­tons from child inter­ven­tion..

Thus, the use of the device becomes more secure.


TOP‑2 Siemens built-in dishwashers 60 cm wide

Which six­ty cm wide Siemens built-in dish­wash­er do you think is bet­ter? You can vote one once.

SN 65E011

Built-in dish­wash­er Siemens SN 65E011 is the ide­al solu­tion for one

mod­ern kitchen.

It is great for a large fam­i­ly, as it can accom­mo­date up to 13 sets of dish­es..

For one com­plete wash­ing cycle, the house­hold appli­ance con­sumes 12 liters of water. The noise lev­el pro­duced by the device dur­ing oper­a­tion is 46 dB. This dish­wash­er mod­el is equipped with 5 auto­mat­ic wash­ing pro­grams and 4 tem­per­a­ture set­tings.

The house­hold appli­ance has a delay start mode, full pro­tec­tion against leaks, a water puri­ty sen­sor, as well as indi­ca­tors for the pres­ence of salt and rinse aid. The dish­wash­er will indi­cate the end of its work with a sound sig­nal.

The bas­ket for dish­es is adjustable in height, in addi­tion, a hold­er for glass­es is pre­sent­ed in the kit.


  • qui­et work;
  • styl­ish design;
  • capac­i­ty;
  • the pres­ence of built-in pro­grams.


  • buy­ers do not high­light the short­com­ings of this dish­wash­er mod­el.

SX 736X03ME

Dish­wash­er Siemens SX 736X03 ME 60 cm wide holds 14 place set­tings 2and per­fect­ly copes with its cleans­ing even from heavy pol­lu­tion.

Water con­sump­tion for one com­plete wash­ing cycle is 9.5 liters.

The device oper­ates very qui­et­ly, the noise lev­el dur­ing oper­a­tion does not exceed 44 dB. The max­i­mum pow­er con­sump­tion of a house­hold appli­ance is 2400 W.

The dish­wash­er has 6 built-in pro­grams and 5 tem­per­a­ture set­tings.

Also, this mod­el is equipped with a delay start timer, a water puri­ty sen­sor, pro­tec­tion against leaks and chil­dren, indi­ca­tors for the pres­ence of salt and rinse aid.

The set also includes a tray for cut­lery and a hold­er for glass­es..


  • silent oper­a­tion;
  • styl­ish design;
  • capac­i­ty;
  • econ­o­my.


  • no half load mode.






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