How to choose the right blender for your home? Submersible or stationary?


When choos­ing a blender, you need to under­stand the pur­pose of the pur­chase. For exam­ple, some are bet­ter for mix­ing cock­tails, while oth­ers are great helpers in the kitchen. There are two types of blenders — sta­tion­ary and sub­mersible! It is bet­ter for the host­ess to choose the sub­mersible option — for mak­ing baby puree, var­i­ous yogurts, cere­als. For par­ties and exper­i­ments, as well as for bar­tenders, a sta­tion­ary blender is suit­able.

What to look for when buying?

The price is influ­enced by two seri­ous fac­tors — the num­ber of blender func­tions and the com­pa­ny. More advanced, brand­ed options are more expen­sive. An ordi­nary con­sumer will not need an expen­sive blender, most of the func­tions are spe­cif­ic, that is, unnec­es­sary.

Buy a blender accord­ing to your needs. Pay atten­tion to the char­ac­ter­is­tics of the blender (price, com­pa­ny, num­ber of func­tions). If you need to pre­pare baby puree, then take a blender suit­able for this task (ask the sell­er or look at the pack­ag­ing, usu­al­ly you can find out all the charms of the device before buy­ing). Thus, you can buy a cheap but use­ful blender in the kitchen.

Types of blenders

sta­tion­ary view

The “bartender’s tool” starts the dance with us — this is a sta­tion­ary blender, some­times it is also called a shak­er. Used for mix­ing cock­tails, with the help of it they crush ice. Com­pared to a home­made kitchen blender that you have to hold, it is much eas­i­er to use, press the but­ton and get the result. It is cheap and there is no need for wash­ing — it cleans itself, a spe­cial func­tion is pro­vid­ed for this.

A fea­ture of such a blender is the bowl, or rather what it is made of. There are two options — plas­tic or glass, both bowls have their pros and cons.

Plas­tic absorbs unpleas­ant odors and begins to dark­en — this effect is grad­ual, becom­ing stronger over the years. Glass is frag­ile and can break, and buy­ing and insert­ing a new one is quite prob­lem­at­ic. Plas­tic, of course, is cheap­er, but pour­ing “hot” into such a bowl will not work. They are already start­ing to sell bowls that do not absorb any­thing and do not turn into a dark clot over the years. There­fore, every­thing is pure­ly indi­vid­ual — it is bet­ter to choose a proven mod­el, con­sult with friends or read reviews.

If the fam­i­ly is large, we rec­om­mend choos­ing a 2.5 liter bowl. If you live alone, then 500 ml is enough, but keep in mind that it can­not be com­plete­ly filled, so we remove 200 ml — this will be the opti­mal vol­ume.

Pow­er — the more the bet­ter. After all, the blender will “process” prod­ucts faster. Experts advise buy­ing blenders with a pow­er of 350–600 watts. A milk­shake at this speed is pre­pared in 10–20 min­utes.

The approx­i­mate price of a sta­tion­ary blender is from 900 to 10,000 rubles.

sub­mersible view

Buy­ing an immer­sion blender is a great choice for small kitchen jobs. It will help to make baby puree, per­fect­ly chop sim­ple foods, such as onions. It does not take up much space and is extreme­ly con­ve­nient. Fine­ly chop fruits, veg­eta­bles, is able to chop meat — turn it into minced meat, etc. But one minus — the blender needs to be held in your hands when work­ing, you can get tired. The price is affect­ed by the mate­r­i­al from which the “leg” is made. Plas­tic is cheap­er, but it’s bet­ter to buy with iron! It’s more expen­sive, but more reli­able.

We pay atten­tion to the pow­er so that the hands do not get tired — you need to choose a more pow­er­ful blender. Also some blenders have a speed set­ting!

Usu­al­ly, an immer­sion blender is sold with addi­tion­al tools (noz­zles for var­i­ous appli­ca­tions). There­fore, it is impor­tant to choose a mod­el that will real­ly be as use­ful as pos­si­ble in the kitchen. The most pow­er­ful mod­el will cost about 10,000 rubles, but the low price cat­e­go­ry is 1,000 rubles.

Cheap or expen­sive?

If you buy a sim­ple mod­el, then you will not get a lot of fea­tures. Just one noz­zle, start/stop but­ton and easy gear shift­ing with a lever. Expen­sive mod­els are more func­tion­al, but con­sume less ener­gy. If the oper­a­tion is fre­quent, then it is more cor­rect to choose an expen­sive, but more reli­able and less elec­tri­cal­ly con­sum­ing mod­el.

What are the best blender models?

Braun MQ735 HB

A real kitchen helper, a great help for an inex­pe­ri­enced host­ess. The kit includes a small num­ber of noz­zles and a cou­ple of con­ve­nient bowls. Gets the job done quick­ly and excel­lent­ly. Suit­able for sol­id prod­ucts, capa­ble of crush­ing them — for this there is a spe­cial pow­er­ful Tur­bo mode. Per­fect­ly grinds greens or even nuts. Able to knead the dough. No flaws, high­ly rec­om­mend­ed! A rather expen­sive sub­mersible blender — the approx­i­mate price is 8,000 rubles.

RUSSELL HOBBS 20230–56 Illu­mi­na

Those who like to cre­ate cock­tails and exper­i­ment will like RUSSELL HOBBS 20230–56 Illu­mi­na! Buy­ers appre­ci­ate it for its pow­er, vol­ume and unique design. But it is quite “bulky” and noisy. It mix­es well, works well and the price is good — only 4,000 for this sta­tion­ary mir­a­cle for smooth­ies and oth­er drinks.


Pow­er­ful motor — 450 watts. Tur­bo mode, which starts to act instant­ly (one has only to press the but­ton). Light­weight, con­ve­nient to use. It is suit­able for whip­ping egg whites, a spe­cial noz­zle for mash­ing, crush­ing nuts and greens. It has 4 sharp blades, the leg is made of stain­less steel! Atten­tion — the price of this device is only 3,000 rubles!


As many as five speeds with tur­bo mode! Pow­er­ful immer­sion blender — 500W! The knife is made of stain­less steel, and the price will pleas­ant­ly sur­prise you — only 1500 rubles! Beats the dough, crush­es the fruit. Buy­ers are sat­is­fied! Styl­ish, func­tion­al, pow­er­ful and reli­able — we rec­om­mend!

Video instruction

We rec­om­mend lis­ten­ing to tips on choos­ing a blender to make the right choice:

Thus, the blender is an indis­pens­able thing for prepar­ing baby food or a vari­ety of fruit desserts. It is this device that makes life eas­i­er in the kitchen. We need many inven­tions in every­day, mod­ern life, why not get this “mir­a­cle”? The price is small, but how much time we save! Every­thing turns out qual­i­ta­tive­ly and quick­ly, the main thing is to choose a good unit. There­fore, think care­ful­ly — it is worth sav­ing or embark­ing on a kitchen adven­ture. The choice is yours!





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