How to remove the smell from the refrigerator at home? What and how to wash?


The refrig­er­a­tor is an indis­pens­able mir­a­cle appli­ance in the kitchen — it will delight you with fresh aro­mas if you take care of it prop­er­ly. This is easy to do not only with the help of ready-made chem­i­cals, but also using ordi­nary prod­ucts: lemon and cof­fee, vine­gar and herbs, fra­grant peels of cit­rus fruits. In the arti­cle we will tell you how to remove the smell from the refrig­er­a­tor and eas­i­ly, and quick­ly, and with­out harm to health.

Causes of an unpleasant darling

Before solv­ing the prob­lem of how to elim­i­nate the smell in the refrig­er­a­tor, which method is most suit­able, you should care­ful­ly exam­ine its insides to find out the caus­es of the prob­lem.

The cul­prits of the fetid odor can be:

  • Expired prod­ucts. The goods expired, but they were not removed from the refrig­er­a­tor in time. Often, “sur­pris­es” are pre­sent­ed with meat prod­ucts, eggs, cot­tage cheese.
  • Incor­rect stor­age. Food was placed in the refrig­er­a­tor with­out prop­er pack­ag­ing. For exam­ple, dish­es with gar­lic or onions stored in the open can be the cause of a bad smell.
  • Con­t­a­m­i­nat­ed con­tain­er. In retail out­lets, it often hap­pens that the pack­ag­ing mate­r­i­al is dam­aged. The unus­able goods are removed by the sell­ers, but their remains are not always care­ful­ly removed (wiped, washed) from the pack­ag­ing of the goods that lay near­by. When stored for a long time, unclean food con­tain­ers begin to exude a bad smell.
  • soiled shelves, draw­ers or oth­er parts inside the refrig­er­a­tor. Acci­den­tal­ly spilled and dried drops of milk or broth can smell unpleas­ant, although out­ward­ly they are not always notice­able. You should care­ful­ly mon­i­tor the clean­li­ness of the rub­ber bands on the doors — food residues often col­lect there.
  • New unit. A spe­cif­ic amber occurs when poly­mer parts are heat­ed dur­ing the oper­a­tion of a new refrig­er­a­tor. This kind of fra­grance dis­ap­pears with­in a month.
  • Refrig­er­a­tor shut­down. If the refrig­er­a­tor was turned off due to pow­er out­ages, break­downs (read here how to repair it) or dur­ing the hol­i­days, then mold could appear in it. It often hides in the most inac­ces­si­ble places.
  • Med­i­cines with poor­ly sealed lids. Com­bined with oth­er scents, they can cre­ate a dis­gust­ing olfac­to­ry cock­tail.

The appear­ance of a spe­cif­ic “aro­ma” may be due to tech­ni­cal mal­func­tions, includ­ing prob­lems with the drip sys­tem (what is it? Read here), defrost­ing. How to remove the smell from the refrig­er­a­tor in such cas­es will help con­tact­ing the ser­vice cen­ter spe­cial­ists.

Bad smell from refrigerator

Methods used to eliminate bad odor

We will tell you how to remove the smell from the refrig­er­a­tor quick­ly, eas­i­ly and with­out harm to health. We will imme­di­ate­ly rejoice that there are a wide vari­ety of meth­ods for keep­ing “kitchen helpers” clean. It only depends on your per­son­al pref­er­ences which one to choose.

So, to remove the smell in the refrig­er­a­tor at home, reg­u­lar­ly use:

  1. Spe­cial syn­thet­ic deter­gents for the care of kitchen appli­ances. It is impor­tant to fol­low the instruc­tions for their use, not to exceed the pre­scribed norm, to con­trol that con­tact with food does not occur.
  2. Indus­tri­al odor absorbers. Sil­ico­gen odor absorber has the form of a plas­tic ball (egg), inside of which is placed a bag of sil­i­ca. It is con­ve­nient to put the acces­so­ry in the egg stor­age com­part­ment. The car­bon absorber uses mod­i­fied acti­vat­ed car­bon. It is con­ve­nient to hang such an odor absorber on shelves or oth­er mod­ules. An unpleas­ant smell will not appear if the device is reg­u­lar­ly cleaned or changed fol­low­ing the instruc­tions.
  3. Folk reme­dies. A home­made refrig­er­a­tor odor elim­i­na­tor will help keep your appli­ances spot­less­ly clean, and will also be cheap, safe, and effec­tive.
  4. Refrig­er­a­tor ozona­tors. Mod­ern tools will help you quick­ly solve the prob­lem of how to get rid of an unpleas­ant smell in the refrig­er­a­tor, since the ozone released into the cham­ber helps keep food fresh longer and stop the spread of pathogens in the cham­bers.
  5. If the smell comes from the freez­er, then read this arti­cle.

Advice: Before wash­ing the refrig­er­a­tor, be sure to turn off the pow­er, lay out all the prod­ucts, remove all shelves and draw­ers.

Use of chemicals and various absorbents

Be care­ful when using chem­i­cals. Before using them, read the instruc­tions. Please note that some house­hold chem­i­cals leave a pun­gent “chem­i­cal” smell after use, which is dif­fi­cult to inter­rupt with any­thing.

Let’s look at how to wash the refrig­er­a­tor so that there is no smell. These cleansers work great:

  • feed­back. Advan­tages: hypoal­ler­genic, safe for use in the pres­ence of chil­dren, preg­nant women, pets.
  • Oro Fix 02012. Ben­e­fits: Quick­ly and effec­tive­ly removes old odors.
  • TOP HOUSE. Advan­tages: Does not require addi­tion­al rins­ing with water, instant­ly and reli­ably kills bac­te­ria, pre­vents their spread.

Refrigerator cleaning

Combined funds

Method one. A small lemon (lime) should be cut into two halves with a sharp knife, remove the pulp. Pour soda into each “cup”, put it on the shelves. Throw every­thing away after a week. Instead of soda, you can use char­coal or acti­vat­ed char­coal. Char­coal per­fect­ly absorbs and absorbs aro­mas.

Method two. Mix 2 cups of Epsom salts (avail­able at the phar­ma­cy called Mag­ne­sium Sul­fate) with the same amount of bak­ing soda. Add 50 ml of water and 10 drops of your favorite essen­tial oil, such as orange or tea tree, to the com­po­si­tion. Trans­fer the result­ing com­po­si­tion to a jar and put in the unit.

Folk remedies

You can’t decide how to get the smell out of the refrig­er­a­tor in a sim­ple, afford­able and effec­tive way? Pay atten­tion to the rec­om­men­da­tions of our wise grand­moth­ers and moth­ers.

Ways to elim­i­nate odors:

  • Pre­pare a solu­tion of vine­gar with water (1:1), add a pinch of sea salt. With a nap­kin soaked in the solu­tion, wipe the walls and shelves of the refrig­er­at­ing cham­bers.
  • Spread tea bags, rye bread crusts, a cut small onion, half an apple on the inner sur­faces — they will quick­ly absorb an unpleas­ant odor.
  • Make a “cock­tail” of vod­ka and lemon (lime) juice in a ratio of 10: 1, process the insides of the unit.
  • Put a saucer with sug­ar or fine salt — these are excel­lent nat­ur­al absorbers of var­i­ous “aro­mas”.
  • Pour some fresh cat lit­ter into a small con­tain­er — the tool will per­fect­ly “pull out” the unpleas­ant amber.

In the new refrig­er­a­tor, a solu­tion of bak­ing soda per­fect­ly elim­i­nates unpleas­ant amber. To pre­pare it, you need to dis­solve 2 tbsp. table­spoons (with­out top) of sodi­um bicar­bon­ate in 0.5 liters of hot water.

How to elim­i­nate bad smell in the refrig­er­a­tor with herbs? Place on the shelves jars with your favorite gifts of nature — tar­ragon, basil, cel­ery, thyme or cloves.

There are var­i­ous recipes for how to remove the smell from the refrig­er­a­tor and with the help of cof­fee:

  • Place a con­tain­er with ground prod­uct inside.
  • Brew a fra­grant drink and put a cup with it on the shelf to cool. Repeat the pro­ce­dure sev­er­al times.
  • Roast the cof­fee beans in a fry­ing pan and let them cool in the unit.

How to prevent musty smell

Use sim­ple rules that will help pre­vent unpleas­ant fra­grance. You won’t waste time wor­ry­ing about how to get rid of unpleas­ant smells in the refrig­er­a­tor if they become your habit. Your refrig­er­a­tor will always be the realm of clean­li­ness and pleas­ant aro­mas.

So, so that the smell does not appear in the refrig­er­a­tor:

  1. Ven­ti­late the unit reg­u­lar­ly inside — unplug it and leave the door open for 1.5–2 hours.
  2. Wipe down the shelves imme­di­ate­ly if any liq­uid is acci­den­tal­ly spilled.
  3. At least once every 5–7 days, check the con­tents of the cells: throw away spoiled or rot­ten food, remove the rem­nants of food that you are not going to eat.
  4. Keep pre­pared dish­es in closed con­tain­ers, ves­sels. If there are no lids, cov­er the food with cling film.
  5. Place food to be defrost­ed in a deep con­tain­er to pre­vent leak­age.
  6. Place only clean dish­es inside so as not to stain the shelves.
  7. Put a jar of crushed acti­vat­ed car­bon or soda in any con­ve­nient place — these are excel­lent sor­bents that absorb spe­cif­ic aro­mas well. Change them every 3 months.

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  2. Unpleas­ant smell in the wash­ing machine: how to get rid of it.
  3. Detailed instruc­tions — how to remove an unpleas­ant smell from the air con­di­tion­er.

Video Tips

How to get rid of the smell in the refrig­er­a­tor with the help of com­mon prod­ucts that every home has (slices of left­over bread, soda, acti­vat­ed char­coal and cof­fee), you will learn from the plot:

We tried to tell you how to elim­i­nate the unpleas­ant smell in the refrig­er­a­tor not only with the help of house­hold chem­i­cals, but also using nat­ur­al reme­dies. How to wash the refrig­er­a­tor — with water with drops of lemon juice, soda solu­tion or use mod­ern ready-made prod­ucts — depends on your choice. Air absorbers will pro­vide a fresh and clean scent inside appli­ances.





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