7 Provence decor items that will make you fall in love with this aesthetic

Beauty is in simplicity. Harmony, charm, regularity of village life. And, of course, the unique French charm. The Provence style in the interior instantly takes us to the south of France. To the warm Cote d’Azur, to the endless and bewitching lavender fields, to the charming, cozy village streets, to the picturesque foothills of the […]

Mirrors in the interior: where and how to use? 55 photo ideas

Mirrors are not only for use, but also for the sake of beauty. How to use them to emphasize style and complement the space? What options are in fashion right now? Where to hang a mirror in different rooms? We will tell about everything in this material. All about mirrors FunctionsKinds — By location — […]

7 must-haves from IKEA that are not yet in your house (and why you need them)

one Folding table «Norberg», 2 999 rubles A compact folding table is mounted on the wall, so it is suitable for a small apartment. This is a great solution when you need to arrange an additional functional area, and there is almost no free space. For example, on the balcony, such a table can be […]

9 cool new IKEA products that you want to take into your home

one Armchair «Strandmon», 15 999 rubles This chair model was first presented at IKEA more than half a century ago. And the yellow version has become almost an “icon” of Instagram. Now in the novelty section, there is a model with houndstooth print upholstery, which is both trendy and versatile. It will fit into both […]

7 beautiful things from IKEA that will make your interior memorable

one Butterfly ornament «Selfull», 499 rubles Light and airy decor, reminiscent of summer, looks unusual and at the same time very elegant. The decoration will fit into different interior styles and will not draw all the attention to itself. A flask filled with butterflies will decorate a bookshelf, window sill or workplace. The accessory is […]

6 cool gifts for a man from IKEA

one Ring lamp «Lonespelare», 2 999 rubles High-quality lighting and a smartphone holder will come in handy for a novice blogger or streamer. The most convenient thing about this set is that the phone holder stands on a separate stand. This allows the ring light to be positioned at face level, while the camera can […]

What to give: 10 useful interior gifts for February 23

one Coffee maker If a man loves this drink, then the gift will definitely come in handy. The simplest thing is to choose a capsule coffee maker, it is easy to use, and you can also experiment with the tastes of the drink — fortunately, the choice of capsules is now large. Don’t forget to […]

6 cool items from IKEA for those who want to simplify life

one Light-blocking curtain «Bengta», 1,199 rubles This ordinary at first glance curtain is very convenient in everyday life. It is made of laminated material that does not crumble if cut off. And this means that you no longer need to hem the curtains and adjust them in length. You can simply arm yourself with scissors […]

What to give on March 8: 13 beautiful and useful interior gifts for a girl

one Glasses For those who like to gather guests or arrange romantic dinners, or maybe relax alone with a glass of wine, this is definitely a useful gift. Aesthetic glasses can also be placed on open shelves or in glazed cabinets — this will also decorate the interior. 2 coffee machine If a girl loves […]

7 cool IKEA accessories that all girls will love

one Decorative greenhouse «Starkt», 1,299 rubles This mini greenhouse will be a great decoration in a house where indoor plants are loved or greens are grown for cooking. In a decorative greenhouse, it is easier to maintain the desired humidity, and it looks very stylish. If gardening isn’t your thing, use it as a candle […]