Piggy bank of ideas

one. Attic plan. 2. The wardrobe compartment is separated from the rest of the room by light sliding shields made of canvas stretched over the frames. 3. A writing desk with a semi-circular cut top fits perfectly into the corner by the window. Custom-made shelves filled the space behind the wall ledge. Curtain-blinds hide a […]

For sports and recreation

Not so often the attic becomes the main room where three generations of a large family gather. But under the roof of this house, everyone will find a place for interesting activities, and a cozy corner for relaxation. Thanks to a good layout, the space turned out to be multifunctional, and a successful decorative solution […]

Attic wardrobe

The residential attic has many attractions. Here you can take a break from the traditional rectangular space and fully experience the romance of a heavenly dwelling. That’s just to equip a room under the roof, as a rule, is more difficult than a room with vertical walls. And this applies not only to its decoration, […]

The nuances of arranging the attic

Photo: VELUX In central Russia, it is customary to build houses with gable roofs, the slope of which is at least 30 ° (in regions with higher snow loads — 45 °). At the same time, a vast space is formed under the roof, which prudent owners seek to turn into residential. A specific feature […]

Attic design in a private house: a photo gallery of interiors and tips for arranging different rooms

Cozy room in the attic, under the roof. Windows look straight to the sky. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? But the attic is not only an interesting, but also a useful solution. It allows you to expand the living space or use additional space for household needs. In this article we will tell you how to […]

Roof window blinds: tips for choosing and 36 examples for inspiration

Curtains for skylights with sloping ceilings should be chosen, given some of the nuances. For example, if the room is on the sunny side, you need models with a lining, better reflective. It will protect the canvas from fading, and the room from excess light and heat. It is better to hang concise roll models […]

Attic insulation technology with mineral wool from the inside

The under-roof space is used in different ways; living rooms or storage systems are equipped here. Small in terms of labor costs and financial investments, thermal insulation work makes it possible to obtain additional living space, which will never be superfluous. More than half of developers use mineral wool as a heat insulator. Let’s talk […]

How designers design attics: 8 examples from real projects

one Delicate bedroom with hints of country and Provence Architect Maria Amelina transformed this house and made a cozy and comfortable space with hints of country and Provence from the Soviet interior. The second floor is attic, where this bedroom is located. Walls painted in pastel colors, upholstered with clapboard, furniture with soft upholstery, as […]

Attic sheathed with clapboard: we decorate the room taking into account its functionality (75 photos)

The use of lining in the attic is not a new technique. In this way, cottages and private houses outside the city are often finished; this is a convenient cladding option when insulation is carried out. Only the upholstery does not always look stylish and modern in the end. Reasons: incorrect combination of materials and […]