5 beautiful balcony storage ideas that are easy to implement

one Open shelves on the end wall Spacious storage can be arranged by giving one of the walls under open shelves. It is easy to arrange books, flowers or other little things on them that could not be found in other parts of the apartment. Order will have to be maintained carefully so that the […]

7 mistakes in the design of a glazed balcony

Listed errors in a short video one Wrong choice of double-glazed windows If you install a single-chamber double-glazed window, then it will be noisy on the balcony. And in winter, condensation will form on the window at a temperature of -8 ° C. How to do better Choose a double-glazed window — it absorbs noise […]

8 Most Beautiful Balcony Gardens (You Will Be Inspired)

one Romantic balcony with bright purple accents On this balcony, light finishes and wooden elements are diluted with purple accents. They are read in textiles and shades of plants. Pink details add a special romance, perfectly in harmony with the purple color. Instagram @smyk_w_kuchni_blog Instagram @smyk_w_kuchni_blog Country cottage area 5 beautiful gardens with greenhouses 2 […]

How to green an old balcony: 6 beautiful ideas that won’t load the ceiling

An old balcony is not a reason to abandon decorative solutions. If you are afraid that the load on the balcony slab will increase and an emergency situation may arise, adopt a few tricks. For example, shift the load from the floor to the wall, put the pots on the windowsill, or simply rely on […]

What to do if the plastic door to the balcony does not close: 5 solutions to different problems

Most homeowners have replaced wooden window and door balcony blocks with plastic ones, and developers are installing them in new homes. And this is understandable: PVC is durable, moisture resistant, does not respond to temperature changes, does not require annual autumn sealing of cracks and gaps. It is completely sealed, beautiful and relatively cheap. But […]

7 Cool Balcony Decorating Ideas for Fall

one Use different garlands The autumn grayness outside the window is harmoniously compensated by the sources of warm light on the balcony. Battery-operated garlands work well for this. In this case, it is not necessary to use the same models. Large light bulbs in black bases look good in the air if you stretch them […]

5 functional panoramic balcony design options (and 55 photos to inspire you)

To admire the scenery through spectacular floor-to-ceiling windows, it is not necessary to have a country house. Owners of city apartments with panoramic glazing of the loggia can create a cozy room with a stunning view from it. In this article, we tell you what to consider when designing this zone and what design to […]

Sofa on the balcony: an overview of models, tips for choosing and 5 cool projects

Turning a loggia into a warehouse of unnecessary things is simply irrational — especially if you have a small apartment. Even on a very modest footage, you can equip competent storage and a whole additional room: from a home office to a recreation area. In this article, we tell you how to choose a sofa […]

7 mistakes when decorating a small balcony

What mistakes in the design of a small balcony are easy to make? Listed in video one Trying to fit everything in at once At first glance, everything is obvious: if the balcony is small, then there is not much to fit in it. But when it comes to decoration, I want to implement all […]

Getting ready for the season: 7 cozy zones on the balcony

one Minimalist seating area on a compact balcony Even on the smallest balcony, you can equip a cozy lounge area for relaxation. Here on 3 sq. m placed a comfortable deep armchair and a pouffe, which is also used as a tea table. On the opposite side there is a low chest of drawers — […]