How to fit everything in the design of the bathroom: toilet, washing machine, bathtub or shower? Real layouts and 83 photos

In typical apartments, as a rule, there are two options for planning bathrooms: combined and separate. In this article, we will talk about the first. Most of the apartments do not have storerooms and technical rooms. So in the bathroom, in addition to the bath, sink and toilet, you also have to place a washing […]

Bathroom in a private house: important aspects, design ideas and 60 photo examples

Country housing, on the one hand, gives a lot of freedom: more space, the ability to independently plan the size and shape of the rooms, interesting architectural solutions. On the other hand, the design of technical premises and communications is more complicated here than in an apartment. In this article, we tell you what to […]

How to arrange storage in a small bathroom: 5 wow examples

one Bathroom with inconspicuous open storage In this bathroom, on a small footage, it was possible to place not only all the necessary plumbing, but also use the maximum space with benefit. Behind the toilet is a shelf on which you can place both decor and the necessary little things. On the side there is […]

Wallpaper in the bathroom and bathroom: 7 delightful examples from designers

Designers have long ceased to use only tiles in bathrooms. Bright wallpaper is a great material to make the bathroom not boring. We invite you to see real examples! one Green bathroom with monkeys In a stalinka apartment designed by Karina Seiful-Mulyukova, wallpaper was used in the decoration of a small guest bathroom. According to […]

Bathroom renovation cheap and beautiful: secrets and 56 inspiring photos

The bathroom should be designed not only beautifully, but also in compliance with all technical and hygienic requirements. Because of this, it is considered that it is categorically impossible to save in this matter. In fact, you can, if you do not sacrifice quality. In this article, we will tell you what to look for, […]

Window in the bathroom: stylish decor options and 72 photos of interiors that inspire

When you build your house, you want everything to be perfect. Like in a movie or an expensive hotel: a spacious bathroom overlooking the sea, forest or garden. In this article, we will discuss why there is a window in the bathroom in a private house or apartment. Consider the successful options for decorating it […]

Before and after: 5 cool bathrooms and bathrooms that designers have transformed

It’s always nice to see the result of a renovation. And we love it! We selected illustrative examples of bathroom remodeling from designer projects. one Small bathroom in a panel The apartment designed by Anna Shimanova has a separate bathroom and toilet. We decided to show in our selection exactly the transformation of the bathroom. […]

How to diversify a white bathroom: 5 solutions that will delight

A white bathroom is a stylish and versatile solution for a variety of styles. However, without interesting details and color accents, the interior may turn out to be too boring — we are talking about tricks that will prevent this. one contrast taps Living4media/ Living4media/ Design: Natalia Zheltoukhova. Photo: Maxim Maximov. Style: Natalia Strizhakova Living4media/ […]

8 finds from AliExpress for convenient organization of the bathroom

one Organizer for small things, 977 rubles Stylish and functional organizer with four compartments and a transparent lid will help you organize the storage of small things in the bathroom. Suitable for both hygiene items and cosmetics. It will look beautiful on an open shelf or countertop, and a tight lid will protect the contents […]

Bathroom curtain: stylish ideas, modern materials and 80 beautiful photos

Thin, shapeless oilcloth sticking to the body, flashy, colorful prints, yellowed edges from water and soap — until now, many people imagine this picture when they hear the phrase «bath curtain». But things are no longer the same: in recent years, the shower curtain has undergone a real evolution and is no longer considered a […]