5 best color combinations for a peaceful bedroom

one Muted pink and beige To create a cozy boudoir atmosphere, a combination of muted pink and beige shades is well suited. They look especially good on matte textured surfaces: decorative panels, headboard, curtains. This color scheme will be appropriate in any interior style, but it looks especially elegant in neoclassical. How to use Since […]

How Designers Decorate the Wall Behind the Headboard: 6 Delightful Examples

one Reiki and moldings Moldings go well with different wall finishes: paint, wallpaper, decorative plaster. In a modern style, they can be replaced with wooden slats. So, in the example in the photo, they are placed behind the headboard at different distances from each other, and duplicate the shade of the curtains in color. Thanks […]

5 beautiful bedrooms with an accent wall

one Interior with classic motifs This bedroom is decorated in rich warm colors that contrast with the cool blue-green walls. The result was a non-standard palette for the recreation area. The picture is complemented by a bright pattern on the wallpaper, which decorates the accent wall at the head of the bed. They are made […]

We decorate the bedroom in bright colors: palette options and 5 suitable styles (80 photos)

White, beige, gray and pastel colors are the best for decorating living rooms. They will fit into any style, and will also make even a small room cozy and spacious. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a stylish, boring bedroom interior in light colors, whether it’s a classic boudoir or a light […]

7 Convenient Ways to Arrange Your Desk in the Bedroom

one By the bed instead of one of the nightstands Sometimes in the bedroom there is no urgent need to put two nightstands on both sides of the bed. In the project in the photo, the designers abandoned this classic symmetry and put only one nightstand, and used the freed space to accommodate a small […]

7 cool ideas for decorating the area around the bed

one Surround with decor in the same style If there is no need for additional storage space around the bed, then you can safely switch to decor. The bedroom is a quiet area, and therefore it is better to decorate the space with restraint. Instagram @mumsy_home In this interior, they chose a successful range — […]

How to design a bedroom 12 sq. m: 120 beautiful photos and examples of projects

The decor of the bedroom sets the mood in the morning and helps to relax in the evening. But it should not just be comfortable. Here you also need to place everything you need: a wardrobe, storage systems for small items, a table for makeup, sometimes a workplace. If you have Khrushchev or European planning, […]

6 beautiful designer bedrooms that break interior stereotypes

It seems that the bedroom should be neutral and “soft”, so that it is easier to relax, easier and faster to fall asleep. But designers prove that there is nothing immutable in the interior: everything depends on the wishes of the customer and the specific interior. And the bedroom can be dark or bright. Or […]

It may not be practical: 7 bedroom design solutions that designers will refuse

one Overhead light as the only source of illumination The concept of lighting — «the only chandelier on the ceiling» — has ceased to be relevant for any room, today designers are thinking over multi-level lighting and using several light sources. And the bedroom is no exception. Anna Shimanova explains his rejection of this concept […]

5 Stunning Accent Wall Bedrooms

one Scandi interior with brickwork In this bedroom, the active brick texture is the main accent. The wall behind the bed is organically combined with the overall beige-white-brown range and due to this it does not look foreign or too contrasting. It turns out a calm, but at the same time original space in the […]