Kitchen design 2023: 7 bright trends and 3 current styles

Trends change every year, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to make repairs and update the interior just as often. In this article, we have collected the most striking trends that will set the tone for kitchen interiors for more than one season. You will also find a selection of styles that […]

It surprises: 5 unusual solutions for the kitchen that we found from designers

one Stainless steel work surface Do you want to design a truly anti-vandal interior? Then take the example of designer Yuriy Lutsenko, who set up his small studio in Rostov-on-Don. It is intended for short-term rental, so the interior had to be stylish, functional, memorable and practical. The kitchen area is very small. We want […]

Wow effect: 6 examples of kitchens with beautiful facades

one Classic set in deep blue At the heart of this interior is a love of vintage and color. As a base, we took a complex turquoise, which in one form or another is present in all functional areas. It also has a kitchen set. It is made to match the rest of the interior, […]

Before and after: 6 spectacular kitchens redesigned by designers

one Kitchen 10 sq. m in the house series P-44 The project of designer Anastasia Ufimtseva is a bright transformation and an unusual example of the use of space. The «wet» zone occupies 10 squares. Before the renovation, the kitchen set was small and stood at an angle, fitting into the niche between the wall […]

6 kitchens with a spectacular backsplash

one Apron from large multi-colored arabesques This kitchen itself is very bright and original. It is decorated at the intersection of retro and eclecticism, and this is the interior that you want to look at. Even against an active patterned background, the arabesque apron looks impressive. All thanks to the shape of the tiles and […]

6 beautiful kitchens where designers abandoned upper cabinets

one Non-standard kitchen in the joint studio This interior of a one-room apartment is surprising — there is no minimalism here, which everyone is used to today, but there are spectacular wallpaper with a pattern (a classic from William Morris), antiques, and many bright details. In the kitchen there is a straight set, where the […]

5 Unfortunate Dining Area Solutions (and What to Replace Them with)

one No additional lighting In small kitchens in typical apartments, two light sources are most often made: the main one in the form of a chandelier or spotlights and an additional headset for the work surface. But in the evening, at a family dinner, I want to create a cozy atmosphere with a slightly muffled […]

5 ways to make your rental kitchen cozier (and not spend a lot)

one Cover with foil headset An old ugly headset can be updated in just one day with a self-adhesive film. When it’s time to move out, it will be easy to remove: all you need is hot air from a hair dryer. When choosing a film, give preference to light matte options, as they look […]

Provence style kitchen: 6 main features and design ideas (70 photos)

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Here we not only cook, but also spend a lot of time — both alone with ourselves and with loved ones. The interior of this zone should be not only practical, but also beautiful, cozy, inspiring. In this article, we will look at photos of […]

6 small kitchens, where they successfully entered the dining area (take note!)

one Bright gray kitchen The area of ​​​​the room is only five squares, but the owners managed to place everything they need here. The high window sill was extended to the countertop, thus increasing the work surface and placing the sink near the window. The upper tier was abandoned in favor of small open shelves, […]