Wallpaper for the nursery: the best colors, suitable materials and 96 photo examples

A room for a child is a whole small world where he plays, develops, relaxes, studies, and engages in hobbies. The design should be appropriate: practical, safe and, of course, visually interesting. Finishing plays a special role in this. In today’s article, we’ll show you how to choose the perfect wallpaper for your child’s room, […]

How designers equip school rooms: 6 examples to inspire parents

In most cases, the nursery in design projects occupies a separate room, and the content depends on the age and interests of the child. But one general trend can be distinguished — the rooms have a place for both study and relaxation, and often the interior reflects the character of the child. Let’s see in […]

How to decorate a boring nursery interior in gray tones

Decorating a nursery in gray is a cool idea. The neutral base allows you to change the decor as the tastes and interests of the owner change, it does not bother and at the same time looks stylish. We tell you how to decorate a room for a child in a neutral range. All about […]

4 areas for decorating a nursery for the New Year (ideas that you and your child will love)

Decorating a child’s room is a cool activity, no matter how you slice it. This is the development of one’s own creativity, and joint creativity with the child. The result is a space that is sure to bring a fabulous holiday feel to its owner. We tell you how to decorate a children’s room for […]

12 interior techniques that are definitely not suitable for a family with children

Most likely at home, the child will be in the same place where you are, and not where you want. Based on this, it is important to consider the location and shape of the furniture in each room, and not just in the nursery. Lack of proper attention to the play area will turn your […]

13 best things from IKEA for children’s interior

one Trufast storage combination, 5,893 rubles Quite a lot of toys will fit inside the combination. Drawers in it can be placed at different levels: there are several built-in grooves that allow you to change the location at any time. The containers are made of lightweight plastic, so the child can take them out on […]

6 unusual styles for decorating a child’s room

Children rapidly grow not only out of clothes, but also out of children’s interiors. That is why parents try to arrange a room for growth, so as not to redo the repair every two years or more often. The most popular styles that are used in children’s rooms are scandi, boho, eco. But if you […]

How to design a children’s room for a girl: photos of beautiful projects and useful tips

Safety, functionality, beautiful design — everything should be taken into account in the interior design of a child’s room for a girl. In this article, we will tell you what to consider when planning and show inspiring examples of children’s bedrooms with different tasks. What should be a nursery for a girl PlanningColor spectrumFinishingStorageProject examples […]

11 best ideas for decorating a student’s room (designers shared)

one Zone the room Designers agree that the room should be divided into several functional areas. “Take care to visually or physically separate the workplace and the rest area if these spaces are in the same room,” says Svetlana Kapustina. “It’s great if you can zone a student’s room into several parts: where we sleep, […]

40 photos of successful wallpapers for a girl’s nursery and tips on choosing finishes

The design of a room for a child is always multifunctional. Each element must be safe, reliable and practical. Wall decoration requires special attention, because it will set the atmosphere of the bedroom, influence the mood of the baby and be subjected to all sorts of creative experiments. In this article, we tell you how […]