7 best analogues of IKEA products for the hallway

one Analogue of the triple hanger «Pinning» IKEA Rational use of empty walls in a small hallway will help wall hangers with hooks. There you can hang a casual jacket, which is inconvenient to get out of the closet every time, or a raincoat that got wet in the rain. There is also a place […]

Bright entrance hall: how to create a boring space (55 photos of finished projects)

It is she who creates the first impression of the house. Sets the tone and mood. Acquaints with the taste of the owners. It’s about the entrance area. Therefore, it is so important to carefully work out its design. In this article, we will tell you everything about how to decorate a bright hallway and […]

Hallway design in a private house: an overview of styles and design tips (74 photos)

Unlike a city apartment, suburban housing gives more freedom even at the construction stage. You can plan a spacious bright hall or limit yourself to a tiny entrance area — there is no universal recipe. In this article, we share ideas on how to design a hallway in a private house, with photos of beautiful […]

Bookmarking: 8 Cool Scandinavian Hallways

one Hallway with black and white floor tiles In this hallway, a black and white palette, traditional for the Scandinavian interior, was used. The contrasting floor is lined with large monochrome tiles in a checkerboard pattern. The walls and ceiling are light, as in the rest of the space. The front door, hangers and other […]

6 things you should definitely remove from the hallway

No time to read? Told in the video what to remove from the hallway one Sports Equipment If you lead an active lifestyle, sooner or later a mountain of sports equipment will accumulate in the corner of the hallway: skis, Nordic walking sticks, gloves for the horizontal bar. As a result, the space looks cluttered […]

8 Fresh Hallway Decor Ideas From Western Blogs

one Hang an unusual lamp If the ceiling height allows, use unusual lamps to decorate the hallway. They can be decorated with additional details or, on the contrary, made in a minimalist style, stand out in a complex color or interesting shape. Instagram @allisonelebashinteriors If you use a chandelier as a decor, you do not […]

Design of a narrow hallway: 8 important rules and 110 photos for inspiration

It’s great when guests enter a spacious hall right from the doorstep. But this pleasure is not for typical apartments. In Khrushchev, Brezhnevka, and even some new buildings, the entrance area is often a small cramped pencil case. How to arrange a harmonious design of a narrow hallway in an apartment, we will tell in […]

In addition to the closet: 7 cool ideas for storage in the hallway

one In a basket on a hanger A wall hanger or individual hooks are not only suitable for outerwear. For example, use them to organize mobile storage from small wicker baskets. Instagram @a.firemans.wife It is convenient to put small things in them that should always be at hand: keys, masks, tickets, sunglasses and so on. […]

Entrance hall in Khrushchev: design tips and 6 real examples

A striking feature of the apartments of the 50-70s is tiny non-residential premises. Spectacular design techniques from photos from the Internet are not suitable for them, the main task is to place at least something on 2-3 square meters. But this does not mean that beauty should be forgotten. In this article, we tell you […]

Bookmark: 7 new and incredibly stylish designer hallways

one Hallway with bright tiles and door This entrance area is from an apartment designed by designer Vera Sheverdenok. Vera chose tiles with a bright pattern to decorate the floor, which imitates a fashionable broomstick. The color of the front door echoes the tile pattern. These are the main accents on the light background of […]