5 secrets to planning a headset in a small kitchen

All tips are listed in the video. one Take advantage of 3D planning A small space is a great reason to turn on your imagination, because it will not be so easy to arrange a comfortable work area and fit everything you need into a limited footage. You can make a drawing by hand on […]

No more than seven meters: 6 stylish and functional small kitchens from designers

one Kitchen 5.5 sq. m In her apartment, designer Elena Ivanova made a small redevelopment, as a result of which the entrance to the small kitchen turned out from the living room. This is a common design technique that designers use. It allows you to arrange furniture with great comfort. So, for example, here is […]

How to fit a refrigerator if there is no space in the kitchen: 6 useful tips

To place a refrigerator in a small kitchen, sometimes you have to sacrifice something. For example, abandon the necessary equipment like an oven or a large stove to allocate additional space. Reduce the set or even remove the dining area from the kitchen. In fact, all these techniques can be quite comfortable if you adapt […]

Like in IKEA: 6 cool products for storage and order in the kitchen

one Alternative to the Variera spice box IKEA The first step in getting rid of the visual mess in the kitchen is to refuse to store spices in multi-colored store packaging. Therefore, instead of them, the same containers are often planted with neat stickers on which you can sign the names and expiration dates. So […]

Loft-style kitchen: main rules, analysis of real projects and 90 photo examples

Textured finishes, an emphasis on materials, functional decor and a noble natural palette — a spectacular and bold industrial style is the best fit for the cooking area. In this article, we tell and show, using the example of Russian projects, how to decorate a loft-style kitchen in a country house, a spacious apartment or […]

Art Nouveau kitchen: features, design options and 83 photo examples

Art Nouveau kitchen is smooth lines, noble shades and natural materials. It looks modern and very traditional at the same time. Comfort in such a room is created not by ruffled curtains or a bright tablecloth, but by a harmonious combination of textures, colors and silhouettes. In this article we will tell you how to […]

7 household habits that will get rid of the mess in the kitchen

What habits should be adopted to keep order in the kitchen? Told in video one Don’t overfill boxes Before you make another purchase in the store, think in advance where you will store this item, and whether you have a similar one. This applies, for example, to utensils and cooking accessories. Get in the habit […]

What to store on the kitchen countertop: 7 examples that you will be delighted with

No time to read? Watch a short video one Sweets A beautiful composition with cookies or sweets will decorate your countertop. Choose beautiful accessories specifically for storing pastries and desserts. Social media blogger athomewith__tanzin Transparent jars or boxes are suitable for cookies, a rotating stand for a pie or cake, and small ceramic boxes for […]

How to design the perfect kitchen? Video with the designer!

Decorating a kitchen is no easy task. You need to think over the ergonomics of the room, choose finishes, appliances, fit storage systems and complete the look with a beautiful and useful decor. Vera Sheverdenok, an interior designer, spoke about how to create a modern and functional kitchen interior using her projects as an example. […]

Small but stylish: 5 perfect kitchens from designers

one Small kitchen with a sofa In the odnushka designed by Olga Uglova and Tatyana Vorontsova from the Svoi Design studio, the kitchen occupies a little more than 7 squares. And functionality is top notch. The headset was turned at an angle. The cabinets are extended to the ceiling, so there is enough storage space. […]