Choosing a sofa in the living room: 72 photos in the interior, trendy models and materials

The central element of any recreation area is a soft group. It should be not only stylish, but also comfortable to use. In this article, we tell you which sofas for the living room in a modern style are now in trend and what to look for when choosing a model. Choosing a sofa in […]

No platitudes: 5 great color combinations for the living room

one Blue and pink Owners of a well-lit spacious living room can try a spectacular combination of a dark blue wall and contrasting light pink accents: a sofa, decorative pillows, posters. Both colors are cold, so it’s good to place warm, cozy textures next to them: for example, a fluffy carpet or wooden furniture. How […]

5 small Scandinavian living rooms (you will fall in love)

one Small bright living room with beautiful decor The interior of this room is the embodiment of northern comfort and tranquility. The light finishes of the walls and floor are echoed by the furniture here — they chose not contrasting objects, but merging with the background as much as possible. In this case, there is […]

5 things in the interior of the living room that you can not save on

What is better not to save on in the living room? Told in video one Sofa The sofa is the first thing you should not save too much on. It is not necessary to choose designer models from the highest price segment, but there is no need to give up important points: Design reliability. This […]

6 creative ways to freshen up your living room

No time to read? They told how to update the living room and add a new mood to it one Change seat upholstery If you have a pair of discreet beige armchairs in your living room, just reupholster them. The room will immediately begin to look fresh and more well-groomed — over time, any furniture […]

7 cozy living rooms where you want to spend the whole winter weekend

one Interior in pastel colors with cozy textiles The main character of this interior was textiles. A warm plaid in large knit, cute pillows with a themed print, a bedspread on the sofa with tassels — all this is conducive to a relaxing holiday. And the soft flowing light from the garlands makes the living […]

Wall in the living room in a modern style: tips for choosing and 100 beautiful photos

The design of cabinets, racks and shelves around the TV is strongly associated with the Soviet era — then it was in every room and helped out the owners of small apartments a lot. Now this type of furniture seems to many a relic of the past, but in fact it can look very relevant. […]

Loft-style living room: design tips and 100 stylish photo examples

If you like extraordinary and daring interiors, the hall is the best place for design experiments. In this article, we tell you how to decorate a loft-style living room interior: what elements are suitable for a private house and apartment, what materials to pay attention to and how to create the right atmosphere in the […]

7 Ways to Accentuate Your Living Room Using… an Armchair

The video listed ideas for an accent in the living room with an armchair one Create contrast The armchair is not the largest, but at the same time a rather noticeable piece of furniture, with which you can make a neat accent. If the decor of the living room began to seem boring to you, […]

Living room in a modern style: design ideas and 100 inspiring photos

Despite the variety of trends in design, contemporary is still one of the most popular: concise, stylish, comfortable. And most importantly, there are no strict canons and rules in it. In this article, we show you how to decorate a living room in a modern style, with photos of beautiful examples of what materials, colors, […]