4 stunning examples of 25 sq. m

An area of ​​two dozen squares, of which at best two-thirds will be residential, seems to many to be too small for a comfortable stay. We are ready to prove that it is not! In this article, we show examples of the design of a 25 sq. m with and without a balcony, where it […]

5 tricks that should expand a small space (but they are not always successful)

The video explained why well-known tricks to increase space are not always good one light walls Trying to make a small room as spacious as possible, at least visually, people start making mistakes even at the finishing stage. So, it is believed that light walls push the space, increase it. White and other light colors […]

8 amazing interiors with a hidden bed (ideal for a small space)

one Bed behind a textured panel in the living room A hidden bed with a folding mechanism can help out if you want to have a full-fledged living room in which you can relax and receive guests. In this apartment, a niche for sleeping was placed so that there was room for a sofa against […]

How students live abroad: 7 rooms in foreign hostels

one Shining room in beige tones Due to the fact that dorm rooms are typical, students are forced to show considerable imagination in trying to personalize them. In the interior in the photo, the main place is occupied by the bed — high (under it you can arrange a large storage space) and beautifully tucked. […]

There is a lot to learn: 8 functional kitchen-living rooms with an area of ​​15 sq. m

Developers are increasingly offering layouts according to the European principle: with a common space that combines a kitchen, living room and even a dining room. But in a small odnushka, and even more so a studio, the square meters that can be given to a common area are limited. In this article, we have collected […]

How to decorate the interior of a small apartment: a complete guide for those who suffer from a lack of meters

Do you have a limited number of squares at your disposal? Even a small space can be designed stylishly and functionally without sacrificing amenities. In this article, we share ideas for interior design of a small apartment: what style and color scheme to choose, how to properly zone the space, and what can be done […]

Designers shared: 12 favorite zoning techniques for a small room

Dividing a room into zones is an important component of planning, especially today, when square meters are becoming more expensive, and you want to fit a lot into a limited space. But even in fairly spacious apartments there are narrow and small rooms that need to be somehow brought back to normal and used functionally. […]

6 studio apartments in which a sleeping place was well zoned

one Studio where the bed is hidden in a glass «cube» In this small studio, they decided to close the bed as much as possible from prying eyes. To do this, they allocated a corner opposite the window and installed a frosted glass partition with sliding doors there. It retains intimacy but lets in light. […]

Bedroom-living room design: zoning ideas and photos of real examples

Despite the fact that the European approach with a common space and an isolated bed is now in trend, not all layouts allow this. For example, a studio, a odnushka with a separate kitchen, or a dvushka where you need to allocate a room for children. In this article, we share ideas on how to […]

6 effective ways to deal with food odors in an open studio apartment

No time to read? Watch a short video: one Open the window during and after cooking In a small studio, the smells from the stove and oven quickly spread throughout the apartment — even if you have a good hood. Therefore, open the window during cooking and ventilate the entire room immediately after you have […]