Design of a narrow corridor in an apartment: 6 methods for increasing space

It’s great when guests enter a spacious hall right from the doorstep. But this pleasure is not for typical apartments. In Khrushchev, Brezhnevka, and even some new buildings, the entrance area is often a small cramped pencil case. How to arrange a harmonious design of a narrow hallway in an apartment, we will tell in […]

Choosing a stretch ceiling in the corridor: types and design options with photos

Choosing a design for a corridor is not an easy task. A walk-through room without natural light, most often a long, narrow shape. You need to try to create an interior that will look good in a limited space and be in harmony with other rooms. One of the components of such an interior is […]

How to design a long corridor: beautiful ideas and practical solutions

A long corridor is an integral part of many typical layouts. And the main danger is that it can easily be turned into a dark and lifeless space. Consider how to properly design the design of a long corridor in a three-room apartment and premises of another area. Secrets of designing a long corridor Layout […]

Narrow corridor in Khrushchev: 16 tips on how to get the most out of it

one Think about remodeling Before planning the arrangement of a narrow corridor, think about it: perhaps it would be more logical to attach this room to a living space? Or, shall we say, expand? Or maybe it will be possible to allocate part of it for a mini-dressing room? Instagram @tinydesignliving Instagram @l_nova_design small […]

7 useful products from IKEA for a narrow corridor that will make it more functional

one Shoe cabinet «Trones», 2,499 rubles The depth of the narrowest shoe from IKEA is only 18 cm. This is the size of the body of an average smartphone. It will turn out to fit such a cabinet even in a very narrow corridor. You can put shoes or outdoor accessories like an umbrella and […]

How to decorate the corridors in the apartment: 7 ideas that everyone will like

Despite the fact that the corridors in the apartment play a rather secondary role, they also need to be decorated. The situation is complicated by the irregular shape of the room, lack of lighting and small footage. We chose a few ideas that are suitable for decorating the corridor. one stucco work Decorative moldings or […]

How to decorate the interior of the corridor: useful tips and 100 beautiful photos

Decorating the interior design of the corridor is not so simple. It is necessary to solve several problems at once: adjust the proportions of the elongated room, think over the lighting, find a place to store everything you need. Because of this, the passage area often remains featureless, exclusively utilitarian. We tell you how to […]