How to sheathe a house cheaply and beautifully from the outside: 5 available options

Facade decoration is perhaps a more important stage of construction and repair than interior decoration. The outer part of the building is regularly exposed to adverse weather conditions: bright sun, rain, wind, hail, snow. Among the most popular options for the facade are various types of siding, wood paneling, stucco mixes or bricks. But each […]

How to use dark colors in the interior: a stunning example of a 137 sq. m

Customers and tasks The owners of the house — a young family with a preschool child — turned to designers Irina Borodina and Ekaterina Malaya with the task of furnishing their private home. The developer rented it in a pre-finishing finish, so I didn’t want to change the layout so as not to waste time […]

Cozy and stylish guest house with an area of ​​95 sq. m with chalet elements

This house is located on the territory of the Krasny Bor tourist complex in Belarus. Designer Evgenia Mlynchik had to update the interior, make it comfortable and homely for future guests. “The main task was to refresh the interior (renovate finishes, furniture, lighting, decor), add bright accents, emphasize the dignity of the hotel room environment […]

One-story house with a garage: 54 photo ideas and 10 ready-made projects

The home building industry is booming right now. The pandemic, periods of self-isolation, the transition to a remote work format: even those who had never thought of changing an apartment for a house, and a city for a suburb, began to build. And this wave of yesterday’s residents of megalopolises and large cities has changed […]

Want to stay forever: 6 unique Russian houses in nature

one Tent-tent on the river bank Tourists often unfairly ignore tents, considering them not comfortable enough. But just look at this one! A structure with several zones is in no way inferior to a classic wooden house. Unless the walls here are fabric, but you can also find a plus in this — this way […]

Terrace and veranda to the house: the best projects and 90 photos for inspiration

Spend a summer evening in nature, over a cup of tea, in the company of your loved ones. Or settle down with a noisy group of friends, turn on the music, cook meat on the grill. In late spring, summer and early autumn, you want to be outdoors as often as possible in any weather. […]

Stylish interior of a townhouse with an area of ​​100 sq. m, where you will find inspiration

Customers and tasks The owners of this small townhouse in the Cambridge cottage community in the Moscow region purchased it for rent. The intended tenants were designated as a family or couple without children. For the arrangement of the interior, they turned to the Prorooms studio, which is led by designer Maria Rozhkova. “It was […]

6 adorable little motorhomes

one Cozy bright house with a bright kitchen Looking at this house, it’s hard to believe that this is just a small van, and not a full-fledged housing. The bright kitchen-living room with a rich green color as an accent looks very cozy and contains a dining area, a full set and a sofa. The […]

Summer kitchen: arrangement, design, finished projects and 70 photos

What are summer kitchens for summer cottages and private households? Where is the best place to build? How to choose furniture and equipment, choose design and decoration? This will be discussed in the article. And in the final we will offer to see 5 ready-made solutions with layouts and photos. All about the construction and […]

Gates and gates for a private house: modern solutions, materials and 81 photos

They block the way for outsiders, but open wide for guests. They protect our home and at the same time perform an important decorative function. This article will discuss gates and gates for a private house. All about choosing gates and wickets for your home Types of gates by type of opening – Swing — […]