8 ideas for compact storage of winter clothes

Preparing things for storage Perhaps for some this advice will seem obvious, but most of us do not care about seasonal cleaning of clothes and put them away until the next season immediately after wearing them. We recommend thoroughly cleaning the clothes, drying them — then you can be sure of their safety. It is […]

10 best patio storage ideas

one Storage under the windowsill One of the most compact options is storage under the window sill of balcony glazing. When installing, you yourself can adjust the width of the window sill: if the balcony allows, you can make it a little wider and arrange storage hidden from the eyes under it. From the outside, […]

Dressing room design: 70 ideas that you will appreciate

Dressing room in a separate room Obviously, when there are many rooms in the apartment, finding an opportunity to equip a large-scale dressing room is not difficult. Photo: Instagram demetrawoodmark But even in small Khrushchev houses, you can often find small closets or niches that are usually filled with various items, without the use of […]

Dressing room in odnushka is real: 7 examples that you can repeat

one Dressing room behind curtains A vertically organized storage system of shelves, hooks and rods and a pair of curtains will help you get a compact but roomy dressing room. It can be placed in a room or hallway and, if desired, it is easy to refresh the design by simply changing the curtains. Photo: […]

10 design hacks for a small dressing room

one Remember: the dressing room can be placed even in an unexpected place. If you think your home doesn’t have room for even the smallest walk-in closet, try looking at the bigger picture. ten a photo Photo: Instagram iconiqstyleapp Photo: Instagram boujaidi.hajar Photo: Instagram making_chaos_graceful Photo: Instagram outfitted styling Photo: Instagram simply.organized.spaces Photo: Instagram going.zero.waste […]

9 Tiny But Perfectly Organized Walk-in Closets

Where to organize a dressing room 1. In the bedroom Creating a dressing room in the bedroom is the most logical solution, especially if you have a room of 20 m2. In it, you can separate part of the room with a partition (preferably translucent, so that there is more light) and organize a place […]

We equip an open dressing room: 6 types of hangers and tips for proper storage

The practical open coat hanger is underestimated in its usefulness and comfort of use. The owners of small apartments often try to hide things in closed cabinets, chests of drawers and drawers. But closed systems further clutter up the space and deprive it of lightness. Things wrinkle, in the morning you have to iron them, […]

Micro wardrobes from IKEA: 5 original ideas that will fit even the smallest room

one Bedroom connection IKEA designers are sure that a small bedroom can be combined with a dressing room and get a stylish original space that will fit all your things. IKEA IKEA IKEA IKEA IKEA This is a non-obvious, but much more practical solution than trying to fit a large closet in a tiny room, […]

10 common wardrobe mistakes (and how to avoid them)

The dressing room can solve several problems with storage in the house at once. But who will solve the problems of a cluttered and uncomfortable dressing room? We tell you how to avoid mistakes and make the area really useful. one Do not change seasonal things At first glance, it seems that it is convenient […]

Everyone’s dream is a dressing room in the bedroom: how to arrange it correctly and fit it even into a small space

Equipping a storage system is a necessary event. In most cases, a separate dressing room is much more convenient than just a closet, albeit roomy. In the article we understand what to look for in the layout of a bedroom with a dressing room. Everything you need to know about the dressing room in the […]