7 ideas for organizing space on your desktop (for convenient study and work)

So that the mood and work activity are at their best, take care of the correct and beautiful arrangement of your workplace. Usually, many little things are overlooked, which ultimately affect the perception of space, and your mood, and, in general, the organization of papers and other important things. We’ve rounded up a few of […]

8 useful IKEA things that those who have switched to remote work need

one Pillow «Sammankoppla», 1 999 rubles The good thing about working from home is that you don’t have to spend all day at your desk. You can take a laptop and lie down on a bed, sofa or even on a carpet. And to make it comfortable and not numb back, put an Asian triangular […]

Background for video calls, warm-up area and 3 more tips for a comfortable work area at home

one Background for video calls The one who first encounters work from home usually forgets that the background behind him is different from the office one. It will be very embarrassing to show colleagues a crumpled bed, scattered clothes and family members walking by in pajamas. Therefore, take care of creating a favorable background for […]

7 items from IKEA for a workplace in a small apartment

one Wall panel «Skodis», 1 699 rubles If you can carve out just a couple of square meters for the workplace, try to use the walls as much as possible. Hanging a wardrobe or shelves right above the table is not a good idea when there is not enough space. The perforated board takes up […]

4 practical tips for creating a workplace for two

one Select the location and type of workplace There are several options for how to arrange two workspaces. One long table along a window or wall The length of the desktop per person should be about 1 meter. 50 cm is enough in depth — then a laptop or computer screen, a table lamp will […]

8 items to create coziness in the home office

Almost everyone has experience of working from home, especially in the era of the pandemic. And best of all, a specially equipped place sets up a working atmosphere. Ideally, a home office should be inviting to work, but at the same time be cozy enough to get down to business with inspiration. Consider items from […]

Home offices in a classic style (32 photos)

Today, working at home is not a luxury, but a necessity. An office in a classic style will emphasize the status of the owner and set you in a working mood. In addition, the classics do not go out of fashion, which means that the design will be relevant for many years. In this article, […]

6 solutions for arranging the work area for those who are constantly disturbed by households

one Make a playpen in the room Advice for those who have to stay at home with a small child and work at the same time. The playpen will ensure the safety of the baby and limit his movement around the apartment. Therefore, you can work without being constantly distracted by going to check on […]

6 beautiful workspaces with wall storage (and a clean countertop)

one Office with spacious corner shelves When you need to place a lot at once, use the corner closest to the table. It can be equipped with a built-in wardrobe or open shelves. The latter will be visually more compact, but in terms of spaciousness they will practically not yield. Instagram @createyourspace_ldn Such shelves are […]

Work vs personal life: 5 tips for arranging a place for remote work

The pandemic has proven that remote work can be both a dream and a real nightmare. Incorrect workspace organization reduces our productivity levels, negatively affects mental health and contributes to the destruction of family relationships. How to avoid it? We give advice. one Define the boundaries of the working area The opportunity to temporarily isolate […]