Choosing window curtains: current models, the best fabrics and design options (64 photos)

Textiles add a sense of completeness to the space and make it cozy. And the design of the windows also provides comfort, protecting from the sun and adjusting the level of illumination of the room at different times of the day. In this article, we will show beautiful photos of window curtains, tell you what […]

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6 mistakes when choosing furniture in a small apartment that will ruin the interior

What mistakes do people make when choosing furniture for small spaces? Told in video one Do not take into account the nuances of architecture If, in addition to a small footage, the apartment has a complex architecture, this is a double task. It is necessary not only to find a place for all the necessary […]

What curtains are in fashion now: 7 trends in 2022 (106 photos)

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How to design a bedroom 12 sq. m: 120 beautiful photos and examples of projects

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Entrance hall in Khrushchev: design tips and 6 real examples

A striking feature of the apartments of the 50-70s is tiny non-residential premises. Spectacular design techniques from photos from the Internet are not suitable for them, the main task is to place at least something on 2-3 square meters. But this does not mean that beauty should be forgotten. In this article, we tell you […]