Curtains on the doorway: how to stylishly decorate the portal with textiles and not only (52 photos)

Curtains for a doorway are not a very common choice today. Who is this solution for? When is the best time to quit? What type of textile will suit your interior? How are curtains different from curtains? What do macrame woven curtains look like? What are wooden curtains? And what is the name of the […]

Mirrors in the interior: where and how to use? 55 photo ideas

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Bed with upholstered headboard: tips for choosing and 70 photos for inspiration

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7 beautiful things from IKEA that will make your interior memorable

one Butterfly ornament «Selfull», 499 rubles Light and airy decor, reminiscent of summer, looks unusual and at the same time very elegant. The decoration will fit into different interior styles and will not draw all the attention to itself. A flask filled with butterflies will decorate a bookshelf, window sill or workplace. The accessory is […]

4 areas for decorating a nursery for the New Year (ideas that you and your child will love)

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Tulle in the interior: current trends, unfashionable solutions and 110 photos

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6 unusual styles for decorating a child’s room

Children rapidly grow not only out of clothes, but also out of children’s interiors. That is why parents try to arrange a room for growth, so as not to redo the repair every two years or more often. The most popular styles that are used in children’s rooms are scandi, boho, eco. But if you […]