7 best analogues of IKEA products for the hallway

one Analogue of the triple hanger «Pinning» IKEA Rational use of empty walls in a small hallway will help wall hangers with hooks. There you can hang a casual jacket, which is inconvenient to get out of the closet every time, or a raincoat that got wet in the rain. There is also a place […]

Bookmarking: 8 Cool Scandinavian Hallways

one Hallway with black and white floor tiles In this hallway, a black and white palette, traditional for the Scandinavian interior, was used. The contrasting floor is lined with large monochrome tiles in a checkerboard pattern. The walls and ceiling are light, as in the rest of the space. The front door, hangers and other […]

Piggy bank of ideas

one. Attic plan. 2. The wardrobe compartment is separated from the rest of the room by light sliding shields made of canvas stretched over the frames. 3. A writing desk with a semi-circular cut top fits perfectly into the corner by the window. Custom-made shelves filled the space behind the wall ledge. Curtain-blinds hide a […]

Design of a narrow hallway: 8 important rules and 110 photos for inspiration

It’s great when guests enter a spacious hall right from the doorstep. But this pleasure is not for typical apartments. In Khrushchev, Brezhnevka, and even some new buildings, the entrance area is often a small cramped pencil case. How to arrange a harmonious design of a narrow hallway in an apartment, we will tell in […]