Top 12 best stain removers for clothes and textiles

The appearance of a stain on your favorite blouse, on new upholstered furniture or on any other item is extremely unpleasant. I want to immediately get rid of it and return things to their original form. The easiest way to do this is with the help of special preparations. But how to choose a good […]

How to remove rust at home: 7 tools that work

Ink from a pen and traces of a felt-tip pen, coffee, berry juice, green stains from grass, tomato ketchup, brilliant green, iodine, potassium permanganate and … rust. If one of these substances gets on your clothes, normal washing will not save. Many even consider such pollution to be invincible and simply part with the damaged […]

Bathroom curtain: stylish ideas, modern materials and 80 beautiful photos

Thin, shapeless oilcloth sticking to the body, flashy, colorful prints, yellowed edges from water and soap — until now, many people imagine this picture when they hear the phrase «bath curtain». But things are no longer the same: in recent years, the shower curtain has undergone a real evolution and is no longer considered a […]