How to remove rust at home: 7 tools that work

Ink from a pen and traces of a felt-tip pen, coffee, berry juice, green stains from grass, tomato ketchup, brilliant green, iodine, potassium permanganate and … rust. If one of these substances gets on your clothes, normal washing will not save. Many even consider such pollution to be invincible and simply part with the damaged […]

8 finds from AliExpress for convenient organization of the bathroom

one Organizer for small things, 977 rubles Stylish and functional organizer with four compartments and a transparent lid will help you organize the storage of small things in the bathroom. Suitable for both hygiene items and cosmetics. It will look beautiful on an open shelf or countertop, and a tight lid will protect the contents […]

7 cool and budget bathroom products that will replace IKEA

one Analogue rack «Vilto» Shelving is a very handy and often compact piece of furniture, so it’s great for a bathroom. It is convenient to place towels, hygiene items, baskets with accessories on the shelves. And taking care of a beautiful composition, you can make a truly stylish corner out of this place. IKEA The […]