Bathroom in a private house: important aspects, design ideas and 60 photo examples

Country housing, on the one hand, gives a lot of freedom: more space, the ability to independently plan the size and shape of the rooms, interesting architectural solutions. On the other hand, the design of technical premises and communications is more complicated here than in an apartment. In this article, we tell you what to […]

5 ways to make your rental kitchen cozier (and not spend a lot)

one Cover with foil headset An old ugly headset can be updated in just one day with a self-adhesive film. When it’s time to move out, it will be easy to remove: all you need is hot air from a hair dryer. When choosing a film, give preference to light matte options, as they look […]

8 finds from AliExpress for convenient organization of the bathroom

one Organizer for small things, 977 rubles Stylish and functional organizer with four compartments and a transparent lid will help you organize the storage of small things in the bathroom. Suitable for both hygiene items and cosmetics. It will look beautiful on an open shelf or countertop, and a tight lid will protect the contents […]