How to arrange storage in a small bathroom: 5 wow examples

one Bathroom with inconspicuous open storage In this bathroom, on a small footage, it was possible to place not only all the necessary plumbing, but also use the maximum space with benefit. Behind the toilet is a shelf on which you can place both decor and the necessary little things. On the side there is […]

7 budget items up to 1,500 rubles for a quick interior update

one Set of two posters Wall decor is an easy way to change the atmosphere in a room, add color and create a certain mood. If you want to hang posters, take two at once, as one can simply get lost on the wall and not give the desired effect. In addition, this way they […]

7 mistakes in the design of a glazed balcony

Listed errors in a short video one Wrong choice of double-glazed windows If you install a single-chamber double-glazed window, then it will be noisy on the balcony. And in winter, condensation will form on the window at a temperature of -8 ° C. How to do better Choose a double-glazed window — it absorbs noise […]

7 ideas for organizing space on your desktop (for convenient study and work)

So that the mood and work activity are at their best, take care of the correct and beautiful arrangement of your workplace. Usually, many little things are overlooked, which ultimately affect the perception of space, and your mood, and, in general, the organization of papers and other important things. We’ve rounded up a few of […]

7 accessories from IKEA that will make the interior more expensive and spectacular

Listed in the video, what accessories of the Swedish brand should be chosen for the design of a visually expensive interior one Watering can «Wattenkrasse», 799 rubles Can’t imagine how an ordinary watering can make the interior more expensive? The secret is simple: elegance is in the details. You can buy a luxurious sofa or […]

6 cool gifts for a man from IKEA

one Ring lamp «Lonespelare», 2 999 rubles High-quality lighting and a smartphone holder will come in handy for a novice blogger or streamer. The most convenient thing about this set is that the phone holder stands on a separate stand. This allows the ring light to be positioned at face level, while the camera can […]

6 adorable little motorhomes

one Cozy bright house with a bright kitchen Looking at this house, it’s hard to believe that this is just a small van, and not a full-fledged housing. The bright kitchen-living room with a rich green color as an accent looks very cozy and contains a dining area, a full set and a sofa. The […]

Add style: 5 budget tricks that will make the interior more interesting

How to make the interior more stylish and not spend a lot? Told in video one Decorate an accent wall Unsplash A sure way to completely transform a room is to make one of the walls an accent wall. To do this, choose a rich color that will appeal to all residents and will be […]

8 items to create coziness in the home office

Almost everyone has experience of working from home, especially in the era of the pandemic. And best of all, a specially equipped place sets up a working atmosphere. Ideally, a home office should be inviting to work, but at the same time be cozy enough to get down to business with inspiration. Consider items from […]

What to give on March 8: 13 beautiful and useful interior gifts for a girl

one Glasses For those who like to gather guests or arrange romantic dinners, or maybe relax alone with a glass of wine, this is definitely a useful gift. Aesthetic glasses can also be placed on open shelves or in glazed cabinets — this will also decorate the interior. 2 coffee machine If a girl loves […]