How to arrange storage in a small bathroom: 5 wow examples

one Bathroom with inconspicuous open storage In this bathroom, on a small footage, it was possible to place not only all the necessary plumbing, but also use the maximum space with benefit. Behind the toilet is a shelf on which you can place both decor and the necessary little things. On the side there is […]

7 best analogues of IKEA products for the hallway

one Analogue of the triple hanger «Pinning» IKEA Rational use of empty walls in a small hallway will help wall hangers with hooks. There you can hang a casual jacket, which is inconvenient to get out of the closet every time, or a raincoat that got wet in the rain. There is also a place […]

How to use dark colors in the interior: a stunning example of a 137 sq. m

Customers and tasks The owners of the house — a young family with a preschool child — turned to designers Irina Borodina and Ekaterina Malaya with the task of furnishing their private home. The developer rented it in a pre-finishing finish, so I didn’t want to change the layout so as not to waste time […]

8 ideas for compact storage of winter clothes

Preparing things for storage Perhaps for some this advice will seem obvious, but most of us do not care about seasonal cleaning of clothes and put them away until the next season immediately after wearing them. We recommend thoroughly cleaning the clothes, drying them — then you can be sure of their safety. It is […]

7 must-haves from IKEA that are not yet in your house (and why you need them)

one Folding table «Norberg», 2 999 rubles A compact folding table is mounted on the wall, so it is suitable for a small apartment. This is a great solution when you need to arrange an additional functional area, and there is almost no free space. For example, on the balcony, such a table can be […]

How designers equip school rooms: 6 examples to inspire parents

In most cases, the nursery in design projects occupies a separate room, and the content depends on the age and interests of the child. But one general trend can be distinguished — the rooms have a place for both study and relaxation, and often the interior reflects the character of the child. Let’s see in […]

10 best patio storage ideas

one Storage under the windowsill One of the most compact options is storage under the window sill of balcony glazing. When installing, you yourself can adjust the width of the window sill: if the balcony allows, you can make it a little wider and arrange storage hidden from the eyes under it. From the outside, […]

7 accessories from IKEA that will make the interior more expensive and spectacular

Listed in the video, what accessories of the Swedish brand should be chosen for the design of a visually expensive interior one Watering can «Wattenkrasse», 799 rubles Can’t imagine how an ordinary watering can make the interior more expensive? The secret is simple: elegance is in the details. You can buy a luxurious sofa or […]

9 cool new IKEA products that you want to take into your home

one Armchair «Strandmon», 15 999 rubles This chair model was first presented at IKEA more than half a century ago. And the yellow version has become almost an “icon” of Instagram. Now in the novelty section, there is a model with houndstooth print upholstery, which is both trendy and versatile. It will fit into both […]

8 useful IKEA things that those who have switched to remote work need

one Pillow «Sammankoppla», 1 999 rubles The good thing about working from home is that you don’t have to spend all day at your desk. You can take a laptop and lie down on a bed, sofa or even on a carpet. And to make it comfortable and not numb back, put an Asian triangular […]