Choosing window curtains: current models, the best fabrics and design options (64 photos)

Textiles add a sense of completeness to the space and make it cozy. And the design of the windows also provides comfort, protecting from the sun and adjusting the level of illumination of the room at different times of the day. In this article, we will show beautiful photos of window curtains, tell you what […]

5 wow ideas for decorating your TV wall

one Use vertical bars If we consider the TV in the interior in terms of geometry, then this is a simple rectangle consisting of straight lines and right angles. Therefore, a large number of vertical stripes can be placed on the wall that is behind it. Visually it will look nice because our brain loves […]

We decorate the bedroom in bright colors: palette options and 5 suitable styles (80 photos)

White, beige, gray and pastel colors are the best for decorating living rooms. They will fit into any style, and will also make even a small room cozy and spacious. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a stylish, boring bedroom interior in light colors, whether it’s a classic boudoir or a light […]

5 ways to make your rental kitchen cozier (and not spend a lot)

one Cover with foil headset An old ugly headset can be updated in just one day with a self-adhesive film. When it’s time to move out, it will be easy to remove: all you need is hot air from a hair dryer. When choosing a film, give preference to light matte options, as they look […]

How to remove rust at home: 7 tools that work

Ink from a pen and traces of a felt-tip pen, coffee, berry juice, green stains from grass, tomato ketchup, brilliant green, iodine, potassium permanganate and … rust. If one of these substances gets on your clothes, normal washing will not save. Many even consider such pollution to be invincible and simply part with the damaged […]

8 ideas for compact storage of winter clothes

Preparing things for storage Perhaps for some this advice will seem obvious, but most of us do not care about seasonal cleaning of clothes and put them away until the next season immediately after wearing them. We recommend thoroughly cleaning the clothes, drying them — then you can be sure of their safety. It is […]

10 best patio storage ideas

one Storage under the windowsill One of the most compact options is storage under the window sill of balcony glazing. When installing, you yourself can adjust the width of the window sill: if the balcony allows, you can make it a little wider and arrange storage hidden from the eyes under it. From the outside, […]

7 mistakes when decorating a small balcony

What mistakes in the design of a small balcony are easy to make? Listed in video one Trying to fit everything in at once At first glance, everything is obvious: if the balcony is small, then there is not much to fit in it. But when it comes to decoration, I want to implement all […]