How to fit everything in the design of the bathroom: toilet, washing machine, bathtub or shower? Real layouts and 83 photos

In typical apartments, as a rule, there are two options for planning bathrooms: combined and separate. In this article, we will talk about the first. Most of the apartments do not have storerooms and technical rooms. So in the bathroom, in addition to the bath, sink and toilet, you also have to place a washing […]

5 beautiful balcony storage ideas that are easy to implement

one Open shelves on the end wall Spacious storage can be arranged by giving one of the walls under open shelves. It is easy to arrange books, flowers or other little things on them that could not be found in other parts of the apartment. Order will have to be maintained carefully so that the […]

Round table in the interior: tips for choosing and 77 beautiful photos in the interior

The round table in the interior looks graceful and elegant, adds lightness and comfort to the space, is associated with warm home evenings and a family hearth. But it needs the right environment. In this article, we will tell you how to fit a table without corners into the space of different rooms, and also […]

8 ideas for compact storage of winter clothes

Preparing things for storage Perhaps for some this advice will seem obvious, but most of us do not care about seasonal cleaning of clothes and put them away until the next season immediately after wearing them. We recommend thoroughly cleaning the clothes, drying them — then you can be sure of their safety. It is […]

7 mistakes in the design of a glazed balcony

Listed errors in a short video one Wrong choice of double-glazed windows If you install a single-chamber double-glazed window, then it will be noisy on the balcony. And in winter, condensation will form on the window at a temperature of -8 ° C. How to do better Choose a double-glazed window — it absorbs noise […]

4 stunning examples of 25 sq. m

An area of ​​two dozen squares, of which at best two-thirds will be residential, seems to many to be too small for a comfortable stay. We are ready to prove that it is not! In this article, we show examples of the design of a 25 sq. m with and without a balcony, where it […]

10 best patio storage ideas

one Storage under the windowsill One of the most compact options is storage under the window sill of balcony glazing. When installing, you yourself can adjust the width of the window sill: if the balcony allows, you can make it a little wider and arrange storage hidden from the eyes under it. From the outside, […]

Yellow sofa in the interior: tips for choosing and 100 beautiful photo examples

In our latitudes, there is often not enough sun, especially if the windows of the room do not face south. You can let light and warm rays into the room not only from the outside, but also from the inside — with the help of furniture of the right shade. In this article, we tell […]

8 Most Beautiful Balcony Gardens (You Will Be Inspired)

one Romantic balcony with bright purple accents On this balcony, light finishes and wooden elements are diluted with purple accents. They are read in textiles and shades of plants. Pink details add a special romance, perfectly in harmony with the purple color. Instagram @smyk_w_kuchni_blog Instagram @smyk_w_kuchni_blog Country cottage area 5 beautiful gardens with greenhouses 2 […]

How to green an old balcony: 6 beautiful ideas that won’t load the ceiling

An old balcony is not a reason to abandon decorative solutions. If you are afraid that the load on the balcony slab will increase and an emergency situation may arise, adopt a few tricks. For example, shift the load from the floor to the wall, put the pots on the windowsill, or simply rely on […]