Bright entrance hall: how to create a boring space (55 photos of finished projects)

It is she who creates the first impression of the house. Sets the tone and mood. Acquaints with the taste of the owners. It’s about the entrance area. Therefore, it is so important to carefully work out its design. In this article, we will tell you everything about how to decorate a bright hallway and […]

Window in the bathroom: stylish decor options and 72 photos of interiors that inspire

When you build your house, you want everything to be perfect. Like in a movie or an expensive hotel: a spacious bathroom overlooking the sea, forest or garden. In this article, we will discuss why there is a window in the bathroom in a private house or apartment. Consider the successful options for decorating it […]

4 stunning examples of 25 sq. m

An area of ​​two dozen squares, of which at best two-thirds will be residential, seems to many to be too small for a comfortable stay. We are ready to prove that it is not! In this article, we show examples of the design of a 25 sq. m with and without a balcony, where it […]

10 best patio storage ideas

one Storage under the windowsill One of the most compact options is storage under the window sill of balcony glazing. When installing, you yourself can adjust the width of the window sill: if the balcony allows, you can make it a little wider and arrange storage hidden from the eyes under it. From the outside, […]

Yellow sofa in the interior: tips for choosing and 100 beautiful photo examples

In our latitudes, there is often not enough sun, especially if the windows of the room do not face south. You can let light and warm rays into the room not only from the outside, but also from the inside — with the help of furniture of the right shade. In this article, we tell […]

Bookmarking: 8 Cool Scandinavian Hallways

one Hallway with black and white floor tiles In this hallway, a black and white palette, traditional for the Scandinavian interior, was used. The contrasting floor is lined with large monochrome tiles in a checkerboard pattern. The walls and ceiling are light, as in the rest of the space. The front door, hangers and other […]

10 design hacks for a small dressing room

one Remember: the dressing room can be placed even in an unexpected place. If you think your home doesn’t have room for even the smallest walk-in closet, try looking at the bigger picture. ten a photo Photo: Instagram iconiqstyleapp Photo: Instagram boujaidi.hajar Photo: Instagram making_chaos_graceful Photo: Instagram outfitted styling Photo: Instagram simply.organized.spaces Photo: Instagram […]

How to design a bedroom 12 sq. m: 120 beautiful photos and examples of projects

The decor of the bedroom sets the mood in the morning and helps to relax in the evening. But it should not just be comfortable. Here you also need to place everything you need: a wardrobe, storage systems for small items, a table for makeup, sometimes a workplace. If you have Khrushchev or European planning, […]

For sports and recreation

Not so often the attic becomes the main room where three generations of a large family gather. But under the roof of this house, everyone will find a place for interesting activities, and a cozy corner for relaxation. Thanks to a good layout, the space turned out to be multifunctional, and a successful decorative solution […]

7 cozy living rooms where you want to spend the whole winter weekend

one Interior in pastel colors with cozy textiles The main character of this interior was textiles. A warm plaid in large knit, cute pillows with a themed print, a bedspread on the sofa with tassels — all this is conducive to a relaxing holiday. And the soft flowing light from the garlands makes the living […]