Choosing window curtains: current models, the best fabrics and design options (64 photos)

Textiles add a sense of completeness to the space and make it cozy. And the design of the windows also provides comfort, protecting from the sun and adjusting the level of illumination of the room at different times of the day. In this article, we will show beautiful photos of window curtains, tell you what […]

Wow effect: 6 examples of kitchens with beautiful facades

one Classic set in deep blue At the heart of this interior is a love of vintage and color. As a base, we took a complex turquoise, which in one form or another is present in all functional areas. It also has a kitchen set. It is made to match the rest of the interior, […]

5 beautiful bedrooms with an accent wall

one Interior with classic motifs This bedroom is decorated in rich warm colors that contrast with the cool blue-green walls. The result was a non-standard palette for the recreation area. The picture is complemented by a bright pattern on the wallpaper, which decorates the accent wall at the head of the bed. They are made […]

Choosing a sofa in the living room: 72 photos in the interior, trendy models and materials

The central element of any recreation area is a soft group. It should be not only stylish, but also comfortable to use. In this article, we tell you which sofas for the living room in a modern style are now in trend and what to look for when choosing a model. Choosing a sofa in […]

Round table in the interior: tips for choosing and 77 beautiful photos in the interior

The round table in the interior looks graceful and elegant, adds lightness and comfort to the space, is associated with warm home evenings and a family hearth. But it needs the right environment. In this article, we will tell you how to fit a table without corners into the space of different rooms, and also […]

How designers decorate the wall behind the sofa: 13 implemented ideas and 27 photos

one Hang pictures, posters and photos The most obvious, but no less effective technique is to decorate the wall behind the sofa with a picture, photograph or poster. It all depends on what you have, the budget of the project (the artist’s painting is definitely more expensive than the poster) and your wishes — whether […]

It’s real: 6 beautiful small apartments up to 30 sq. m

one Studio-study for a girl, 29 sq. m The owner of this apartment planned to equip a personal office here. She works as a designer and blogger, so one of the main conditions was to create a visually appealing interior for filming. The result is a bright and cozy space with laconic finishes and modern […]

How beautiful to hang curtains: ideas for different rooms and 90 best photo examples

Window decoration is the very final touch that gives the interior completeness. In addition to color, material and pattern on textiles, other details are also important: for example, there may be a laconic ceiling cornice, interesting lighting from above, or complex multilayer drapery. In this article, we tell you how to beautifully hang curtains in […]

How to save on bathroom decoration today: 12 anti-crisis design tips

The issue of saving on repairs is always acute. I want a lot — but there is not always a budget. We asked practicing designers how to save money on bathroom decoration today, when decoration, furniture and plumbing are becoming more expensive. one Use Russian-made tiles Both Alexandra Hartke and Ekaterina Lyubimkina are unanimous in […]

How designers do for themselves: 5 bathrooms from pro apartments

We have already made a selection of kitchens from designer apartments, now it’s the turn of bathrooms. Let’s see how the pros decorate the interiors of these rooms in their apartments. one A bit of loft and retro The small studio of Alexander Mershiev is filled with unusual details. White was not used here — […]