Curtains on the doorway: how to stylishly decorate the portal with textiles and not only (52 photos)

Curtains for a doorway are not a very common choice today. Who is this solution for? When is the best time to quit? What type of textile will suit your interior? How are curtains different from curtains? What do macrame woven curtains look like? What are wooden curtains? And what is the name of the […]

How to remove rust at home: 7 tools that work

Ink from a pen and traces of a felt-tip pen, coffee, berry juice, green stains from grass, tomato ketchup, brilliant green, iodine, potassium permanganate and … rust. If one of these substances gets on your clothes, normal washing will not save. Many even consider such pollution to be invincible and simply part with the damaged […]

Bathroom renovation cheap and beautiful: secrets and 56 inspiring photos

The bathroom should be designed not only beautifully, but also in compliance with all technical and hygienic requirements. Because of this, it is considered that it is categorically impossible to save in this matter. In fact, you can, if you do not sacrifice quality. In this article, we will tell you what to look for, […]

Choosing a fashionable and beautiful bed: 7 trendy models and 90 photo examples

In the adult and children’s bedroom, the bed takes center stage. Often the whole design is built around it, and bedding or a bright headboard can play the role of a full-fledged decor and accent elements. In this article, we will show current photos of beautiful beds, and also tell you which models and colors […]

7 mistakes in the design of a glazed balcony

Listed errors in a short video one Wrong choice of double-glazed windows If you install a single-chamber double-glazed window, then it will be noisy on the balcony. And in winter, condensation will form on the window at a temperature of -8 ° C. How to do better Choose a double-glazed window — it absorbs noise […]

What to do if the plastic door to the balcony does not close: 5 solutions to different problems

Most homeowners have replaced wooden window and door balcony blocks with plastic ones, and developers are installing them in new homes. And this is understandable: PVC is durable, moisture resistant, does not respond to temperature changes, does not require annual autumn sealing of cracks and gaps. It is completely sealed, beautiful and relatively cheap. But […]

How beautiful to hang curtains: ideas for different rooms and 90 best photo examples

Window decoration is the very final touch that gives the interior completeness. In addition to color, material and pattern on textiles, other details are also important: for example, there may be a laconic ceiling cornice, interesting lighting from above, or complex multilayer drapery. In this article, we tell you how to beautifully hang curtains in […]

Red sofa in the interior: the best shades, tips for choosing and 100 photo examples

Designers recommend using active colors in a dosed way so as not to overload the space and not tire the eyes. If you want to fill the room with bright colors and create a spectacular accent, add a red sofa to the interior. And we will tell you how to do it right: what shape, […]