How designers use vintage items in the interior: 6 valuable examples that will inspire you

Using vintage items found on the Internet, at a flea market or at grandmothers’ houses in the interior is a trend that is not going to give up. Today, vintage items can be seen in modern interiors, and in those where they deliberately tried to add historicism. We invite you to be inspired by examples […]

It surprises: 5 unusual solutions for the kitchen that we found from designers

one Stainless steel work surface Do you want to design a truly anti-vandal interior? Then take the example of designer Yuriy Lutsenko, who set up his small studio in Rostov-on-Don. It is intended for short-term rental, so the interior had to be stylish, functional, memorable and practical. The kitchen area is very small. We want […]

Mirrors in the interior: where and how to use? 55 photo ideas

Mirrors are not only for use, but also for the sake of beauty. How to use them to emphasize style and complement the space? What options are in fashion right now? Where to hang a mirror in different rooms? We will tell about everything in this material. All about mirrors FunctionsKinds — By location — […]

Terrace and veranda to the house: the best projects and 90 photos for inspiration

Spend a summer evening in nature, over a cup of tea, in the company of your loved ones. Or settle down with a noisy group of friends, turn on the music, cook meat on the grill. In late spring, summer and early autumn, you want to be outdoors as often as possible in any weather. […]

Bright apartment for a young family who did not want a white interior

Customers and tasks The owners of this three-room apartment in Moscow are a young family. At the time of buying a home and arranging the interior, the couple was only planning a child, but today they are already waiting. The interior was created with this in mind — it was necessary to arrange a common […]

6 creative ways to freshen up your living room

No time to read? They told how to update the living room and add a new mood to it one Change seat upholstery If you have a pair of discreet beige armchairs in your living room, just reupholster them. The room will immediately begin to look fresh and more well-groomed — over time, any furniture […]