Gray sofa in the interior: tips for choosing, ideas for different rooms and 66 photo examples

In the palette of any room, the second place after finishing is occupied by large furniture. It is made both as a bright accent and as part of the general background, especially in a calm monochrome range. A gray sofa in the interior can play both roles — and all thanks to the variety of […]

6 mistakes when choosing furniture in a small apartment that will ruin the interior

What mistakes do people make when choosing furniture for small spaces? Told in video one Do not take into account the nuances of architecture If, in addition to a small footage, the apartment has a complex architecture, this is a double task. It is necessary not only to find a place for all the necessary […]

Dressing room in odnushka is real: 7 examples that you can repeat

one Dressing room behind curtains A vertically organized storage system of shelves, hooks and rods and a pair of curtains will help you get a compact but roomy dressing room. It can be placed in a room or hallway and, if desired, it is easy to refresh the design by simply changing the curtains. Photo: […]

6 adorable little motorhomes

one Cozy bright house with a bright kitchen Looking at this house, it’s hard to believe that this is just a small van, and not a full-fledged housing. The bright kitchen-living room with a rich green color as an accent looks very cozy and contains a dining area, a full set and a sofa. The […]

How to decorate the interior of a small apartment: a complete guide for those who suffer from a lack of meters

Do you have a limited number of squares at your disposal? Even a small space can be designed stylishly and functionally without sacrificing amenities. In this article, we share ideas for interior design of a small apartment: what style and color scheme to choose, how to properly zone the space, and what can be done […]

Red sofa in the interior: the best shades, tips for choosing and 100 photo examples

Designers recommend using active colors in a dosed way so as not to overload the space and not tire the eyes. If you want to fill the room with bright colors and create a spectacular accent, add a red sofa to the interior. And we will tell you how to do it right: what shape, […]