How designers use vintage items in the interior: 6 valuable examples that will inspire you

Using vintage items found on the Internet, at a flea market or at grandmothers’ houses in the interior is a trend that is not going to give up. Today, vintage items can be seen in modern interiors, and in those where they deliberately tried to add historicism. We invite you to be inspired by examples […]

It surprises: 5 unusual solutions for the kitchen that we found from designers

one Stainless steel work surface Do you want to design a truly anti-vandal interior? Then take the example of designer Yuriy Lutsenko, who set up his small studio in Rostov-on-Don. It is intended for short-term rental, so the interior had to be stylish, functional, memorable and practical. The kitchen area is very small. We want […]

How to fit everything in the design of the bathroom: toilet, washing machine, bathtub or shower? Real layouts and 83 photos

In typical apartments, as a rule, there are two options for planning bathrooms: combined and separate. In this article, we will talk about the first. Most of the apartments do not have storerooms and technical rooms. So in the bathroom, in addition to the bath, sink and toilet, you also have to place a washing […]

Choosing a sofa in the living room: 72 photos in the interior, trendy models and materials

The central element of any recreation area is a soft group. It should be not only stylish, but also comfortable to use. In this article, we tell you which sofas for the living room in a modern style are now in trend and what to look for when choosing a model. Choosing a sofa in […]

How designers decorate the wall behind the sofa: 13 implemented ideas and 27 photos

one Hang pictures, posters and photos The most obvious, but no less effective technique is to decorate the wall behind the sofa with a picture, photograph or poster. It all depends on what you have, the budget of the project (the artist’s painting is definitely more expensive than the poster) and your wishes — whether […]

How to diversify a white bathroom: 5 solutions that will delight

A white bathroom is a stylish and versatile solution for a variety of styles. However, without interesting details and color accents, the interior may turn out to be too boring — we are talking about tricks that will prevent this. one contrast taps Living4media/ Living4media/ Design: Natalia Zheltoukhova. Photo: Maxim Maximov. Style: Natalia Strizhakova Living4media/ […]

Tulle in the interior: current trends, unfashionable solutions and 110 photos

The tulle curtain seems to be a timeless classic. But over time, they began to refuse such curtains, preferring other solutions. What to do: leave or remove? If you leave, then which one, and is yours relevant? We’ll figure out. And for clarity, consider 110 photos of tulle in the interiors of designers. All about […]

5 things in the interior of the living room that you can not save on

What is better not to save on in the living room? Told in video one Sofa The sofa is the first thing you should not save too much on. It is not necessary to choose designer models from the highest price segment, but there is no need to give up important points: Design reliability. This […]

Getting ready for the season: 7 cozy zones on the balcony

one Minimalist seating area on a compact balcony Even on the smallest balcony, you can equip a cozy lounge area for relaxation. Here on 3 sq. m placed a comfortable deep armchair and a pouffe, which is also used as a tea table. On the opposite side there is a low chest of drawers — […]