Kitchen design 2023: 7 bright trends and 3 current styles

Trends change every year, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to make repairs and update the interior just as often. In this article, we have collected the most striking trends that will set the tone for kitchen interiors for more than one season. You will also find a selection of styles that […]

7 autumn decor ideas for an apartment that breathe warmth and comfort

Do you want to update the interior for the fall? The video listed decoration ideas one Choose decor in the «autumn» palette The first association that this time of year evokes is bright and colorful nature. Therefore, in order to create the appropriate atmosphere at home, feel free to borrow a palette from the autumn […]

5 Unfortunate Dining Area Solutions (and What to Replace Them with)

one No additional lighting In small kitchens in typical apartments, two light sources are most often made: the main one in the form of a chandelier or spotlights and an additional headset for the work surface. But in the evening, at a family dinner, I want to create a cozy atmosphere with a slightly muffled […]

5 ways to make your rental kitchen cozier (and not spend a lot)

one Cover with foil headset An old ugly headset can be updated in just one day with a self-adhesive film. When it’s time to move out, it will be easy to remove: all you need is hot air from a hair dryer. When choosing a film, give preference to light matte options, as they look […]

Top 12 best stain removers for clothes and textiles

The appearance of a stain on your favorite blouse, on new upholstered furniture or on any other item is extremely unpleasant. I want to immediately get rid of it and return things to their original form. The easiest way to do this is with the help of special preparations. But how to choose a good […]

Yellow sofa in the interior: tips for choosing and 100 beautiful photo examples

In our latitudes, there is often not enough sun, especially if the windows of the room do not face south. You can let light and warm rays into the room not only from the outside, but also from the inside — with the help of furniture of the right shade. In this article, we tell […]

5 tricks that should expand a small space (but they are not always successful)

The video explained why well-known tricks to increase space are not always good one light walls Trying to make a small room as spacious as possible, at least visually, people start making mistakes even at the finishing stage. So, it is believed that light walls push the space, increase it. White and other light colors […]

6 things you should definitely remove from the hallway

No time to read? Told in the video what to remove from the hallway one Sports Equipment If you lead an active lifestyle, sooner or later a mountain of sports equipment will accumulate in the corner of the hallway: skis, Nordic walking sticks, gloves for the horizontal bar. As a result, the space looks cluttered […]

5 things in the interior of the living room that you can not save on

What is better not to save on in the living room? Told in video one Sofa The sofa is the first thing you should not save too much on. It is not necessary to choose designer models from the highest price segment, but there is no need to give up important points: Design reliability. This […]

Add style: 5 budget tricks that will make the interior more interesting

How to make the interior more stylish and not spend a lot? Told in video one Decorate an accent wall Unsplash A sure way to completely transform a room is to make one of the walls an accent wall. To do this, choose a rich color that will appeal to all residents and will be […]