How to fit everything in the design of the bathroom: toilet, washing machine, bathtub or shower? Real layouts and 83 photos

In typical apartments, as a rule, there are two options for planning bathrooms: combined and separate. In this article, we will talk about the first. Most of the apartments do not have storerooms and technical rooms. So in the bathroom, in addition to the bath, sink and toilet, you also have to place a washing […]

Bathroom in a private house: important aspects, design ideas and 60 photo examples

Country housing, on the one hand, gives a lot of freedom: more space, the ability to independently plan the size and shape of the rooms, interesting architectural solutions. On the other hand, the design of technical premises and communications is more complicated here than in an apartment. In this article, we tell you what to […]

How to arrange storage in a small bathroom: 5 wow examples

one Bathroom with inconspicuous open storage In this bathroom, on a small footage, it was possible to place not only all the necessary plumbing, but also use the maximum space with benefit. Behind the toilet is a shelf on which you can place both decor and the necessary little things. On the side there is […]

4 stunning examples of 25 sq. m

An area of ​​two dozen squares, of which at best two-thirds will be residential, seems to many to be too small for a comfortable stay. We are ready to prove that it is not! In this article, we show examples of the design of a 25 sq. m with and without a balcony, where it […]

How to decorate the interior of a small apartment: a complete guide for those who suffer from a lack of meters

Do you have a limited number of squares at your disposal? Even a small space can be designed stylishly and functionally without sacrificing amenities. In this article, we share ideas for interior design of a small apartment: what style and color scheme to choose, how to properly zone the space, and what can be done […]

Stylish wallpapers and a soothing range: apartment 79 sq. m for a mature couple

Customers and tasks The owners of this apartment are an adult married couple. They retired and moved from the Arkhangelsk region closer to their children and grandchildren to the Moscow region, the city of Dmitrov. The couple love to travel, receive guests, walk in the woods, the owner is fond of hunting, fishing, playing sports. […]

How designers do for themselves: 5 bathrooms from pro apartments

We have already made a selection of kitchens from designer apartments, now it’s the turn of bathrooms. Let’s see how the pros decorate the interiors of these rooms in their apartments. one A bit of loft and retro The small studio of Alexander Mershiev is filled with unusual details. White was not used here — […]

Entrance hall in Khrushchev: design tips and 6 real examples

A striking feature of the apartments of the 50-70s is tiny non-residential premises. Spectacular design techniques from photos from the Internet are not suitable for them, the main task is to place at least something on 2-3 square meters. But this does not mean that beauty should be forgotten. In this article, we tell you […]

Before and after: a stylish 1933 Stalinist apartment for a young family

Customers and tasks The owners of this apartment in the center of Moscow are a young married couple. Designer Kristina Lichik describes her clients as «theater-goers and aesthetes». They wanted to preserve the layout, ceiling heights and historicism inherent in apartments in old houses, but at the same time modernize the interior. layout The apartment […]