7 Provence decor items that will make you fall in love with this aesthetic

Beauty is in simplicity. Harmony, charm, regularity of village life. And, of course, the unique French charm. The Provence style in the interior instantly takes us to the south of France. To the warm Cote d’Azur, to the endless and bewitching lavender fields, to the charming, cozy village streets, to the picturesque foothills of the Alps.

How to create this mood in your home? Sometimes a few atmospheric details are enough. In this article, we have made a selection of such decorative elements from the Purple Dream family project. «Textiles with meaning» — this is how the authors themselves call their products.

one Tablecloth «Lavender County»

In everyday life, we use traditional textile tablecloths less and less. And increasingly we are replacing them with easy-to-clean napkins made of artificial materials. But how nice it is sometimes to move away from considerations of practicality. And for no reason, just setting the table for dinner, cover it with a cozy and romantic cotton tablecloth depicting delicate branches of lavender, vineyards, a medieval French castle among the hills. Just one detail — and an ordinary dinner turns into a small family holiday. The combination of purple, pink, white, yellow and green shades, even in winter, will bring the mood of summer and the charm of blooming sunny lavender fields into the house.

2 Napkins «Lavender County»

If the table is set for receiving guests, you can not do without table napkins. It is important that they look harmoniously in tandem with a tablecloth. Therefore, more often choose textiles from one collection. Napkins «Lavender County» in style, color and composition are a continuation of the tablecloth of the same name.

These napkins do not require too much ingenuity. You absolutely do not need to train in the skill of origami and form complex shapes from fabric to surprise guests. It is enough to fold the napkins in the form of a simple triangle or an envelope: a delicate pink-violet palette, romantic prints and a natural fabric pleasant to the touch will do everything for you.

3 Dining path «Summer in Provence»

Once undeservedly forgotten, today they are becoming popular again. Table paths. They can be laid on top of the main tablecloth, making an accent. Or use as a standalone decoration. A long path is usually laid along the table. Short ones are placed across. In any case, it will look interesting and stylish.

The path «Summer in Provence» is a painting on fabric. Here we see cute stone village houses with tiled roofs, and hills in a light haze, and charming watercolor lavender fields, and bright green trees, and above all this, the piercing blue of the sky. Such textiles want to be considered and studied.

four kitchen sets

This is the case when a simple set of potholders and mittens becomes a kitchen decoration. Beauty and practicality, 2 in 1.

Pansies, cornflowers and lilies of the valley, thin sprigs of lavender on a white background, rich lavender bouquets on pink or openwork lace on brown — there are print options for every taste. Reliable natural cotton on the outside and quilted polycotton and synthetic winterizer inside the mittens are responsible for practicality.

5 Homespun rugs

“Like grandma,” you say. And we will answer: “Even better!”. These rugs, indeed, as soon as they appear in the room, create a warm, cozy and friendly atmosphere of rustic, country life.

Just lay the rug on the floor, bench or bench, and see for yourself. And each such rug is created manually on a real weaving loom. This means that each one is unique in its own way. It is important that the rugs can be washed in the machine and not be afraid that they will lose their color or shape.

6 Collection of pillows «Compound»

If you are at least a little familiar with Provence-style interiors, then you probably noticed that they always have a lot of decorative details. And especially textiles. And it is simply impossible to imagine such an interior without an abundance of decorative pillows. They are laid out on sofas, armchairs, benches and benches. They decorate dining chairs. They are literally scattered on the beds.

Pillows from the Compound collection are a set of simple but very colorful scenes from village life. They are perfect for decorating the living room and dining area. There are four pillows in the collection: «Turkey», «Rooster», «Chickens» and «Goose».

7 Tippet «Date in Paris»

A whole love story on two meters of fabric. Of course, this stole is made to be worn. But, having come home, throwing a scarf on the back of a chair or armchair, you unwittingly add one more detail to your interior with French charm. And you will definitely want to look at it.

On the fabric — a series of episodes that led to the acquaintance of two lovers: Violetta and Bernard. The stoles are made in two versions: from elegant silk or the finest cotton.

Advertising. Purple dream, violetdream.ru

Kitchen design 2023: 7 bright trends and 3 current styles

Trends change every year, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to make repairs and update the interior just as often. In this article, we have collected the most striking trends that will set the tone for kitchen interiors for more than one season. You will also find a selection of styles that will not lose their relevance in the coming years.

Trendy Kitchen Design 2023

Main trends
— Single space
— Comfortable colors
— Rounded silhouettes
— Compact cooking zone
— Two colors or textures
– Natural decor
— no dining table
Actual styles
— Minimalism
— Ecostyle
— Neoclassic

How to create a trendy kitchen interior design

1. Single space

Design: Natalia Vasilyeva

You won’t surprise anyone with a combined kitchen-living room — the fashion trend has long passed into the category of classics. The concept of a single space within which you can cook, communicate with family or friends, work and relax is firmly established both in the minds of people and in the layouts of new apartments. More and more euro-twos and euro-threes are appearing — this is a housing designed according to European canons, where the bedrooms are made small and isolated, and up to 50% of the area is allocated for a spacious kitchen-living room, where all life is in full swing.

What is important to consider when designing such a space?

  • The main idea is unity. Do not pile up walls and partitions, do not block the light, do not split the room into small cramped areas. This is especially important for small apartments, where you need to create the illusion of a spacious room.
  • The main problem of such a neighborhood is that sounds and smells from the cooking area will also hover in the living room. The problem is solved by a powerful hood and good ventilation. If you cook a lot, and you need to create privacy in the hall, you can use light partitions, preferably transparent or at least letting in light. The best options are glass screens, mobile screens and rack structures.
  • The cooking zone is most often made discreet, shifting the focus of attention to the living room with a sofa group. To do this, you will need laconic facades, hidden storage systems (including household appliances) and a neutral palette that will almost merge with the finish.
  • The standard way to zone the cooking area and the living part of the room is the dining group, located between them and forming a smooth transition. It can be a full-fledged dining table or a bar counter, depending on the lifestyle of the owners.

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    What should be the ideal kitchen: 6 design opinions

2. Comfortable colors

Another long-term trend that is unlikely to lose popularity in the near future.

Social networks of Yulia Pisareva studio

But if in the past few years neutral natural tones, especially white and gray, have been an obvious trend, now the direction is changing a bit. There are two categories of cozy, eye-friendly and brain-friendly color schemes for the kitchen.

  • Trendy colors 2022: choosing the perfect shade for the interior

    Colors in the interior

    Trendy colors 2022: choosing the perfect shade for the interior

warm base

First of all, these are all kinds of beige variations: from a light shade of sand dunes or delicate creamy to a denser wheaten. As well as any other «edible» tones:

  • Honey.
  • Lactic.
  • Biscuit.
  • Champagne.
  • Cappuccino.
  • Creme brulee.
  • Vanilla.
  • Milk chocolate, etc.

The most popular choice is a combo of beige and light gray, which can be further diluted with a warm white base or, conversely, accents. It turns out an airy and light design with a nod to the Scandinavian style.

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    It’s fashionable: 6 two-tone kitchens from design projects

Saturated shades

In 2023, in the design of the kitchen, as in the photo below, there will be more and more bright colors. This is the very new trend of a sustainable trend for the naturalness of the palette, which is now actively developing.

No need to limit yourself to basic shades, the cooking area and the dining group can be revived with rich shades, also peeped in nature. Choose not acidic, but soothing deep tones. Then even on a large area (for example, if it is a set or a whole wall), they will look harmonious and not annoying.

Feel free to add to the palette:

  • Blue and cyan. Any variations will do: shades of the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, thunderclouds, indigo, the sky on a sunny day, cornflower blue.
  • Orange and yellow. Do not be afraid of the shades of the soil: terracotta, ocher, clay, brick, the color of the southern scorched earth will make the interior more comfortable. Sunny yellow or a shade of melted butter will cope with the same task.
  • Red. Choose deep wine, pomegranate and berry shades.
  • Green. For facades, a sage color with a gray fade (for a lighter color scheme) or a deep and warm tone of olive oil (for a darker one) is suitable. They can also be used as accents.

3. Rounded silhouettes

Soft smooth lines and rounded shapes are the global trend of 2023. It also manifests itself in the fashionable design of kitchens.

Social networks of designer Leyla Kamalova

But if in the living room or bedroom it is clear how to implement it — curved sofas, shell chairs, round carpets, soft headboards — then in the cooking area we are used to seeing designs with right angles. But now, projects are beginning to actively use sets with radius facades, rounded islands, curved lines in decorative elements, and arched shapes. And finally, there is an easy way to soften the interior — put a round or oval table in the dining area.

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    Round table in the interior: tips for choosing and 77 beautiful photos

4. Compact cooking zone

The lifestyle of a modern urban dweller, especially in metropolitan areas, is changing.

Social networks of designer Ekaterina Rasulova

Many processes are optimized, thus freeing up time for a career, self-development and communication with loved ones, including cooking. Someone uses the delivery of ready-made food, someone prefers to eat out. But the fact remains: on average, people cook less, and someone even makes only light breakfasts at home.

The design of the kitchen in the apartment also adapts to these changing needs. Massive structures occupying two walls completely are being replaced by compact corner or linear systems with two-burner stoves, hidden storage and a small work surface.

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    11 Controversial Kitchen Choices A Designer Wouldn’t Recommend To Anyone

5. Two colors or textures

Contrasting two-tone headsets are in fashion. They are increasingly seen in the photo of kitchens in an apartment or a private house.

Social media studio Holl

Colors can be split vertically or horizontally, clearly 50×50, or according to the color blocking principle: one tone is basic, the second is accent. The classic version is a darker color at the bottom of the furniture, a lighter one at the top, but no one forbids breaking these canons. For example, two different functional areas can be divided by color: a cooking area with an apron, a sink, a stove, a countertop, and a structure with storage and built-in appliances.

A mix of textures will make the color pair even more interesting: for example, stone and wood, marble and metal, MDF and glass. For kitchen design in a modern style, a combination of smooth matte facades with a pronounced wood texture works great. The palette can be anything, but the gray-beige or taupe combo is considered a classic.

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    10 trends in 2022 in the design of the bedroom (70 photos)

6. Natural decor

Any décor that is somehow related to nature will look great in a modern kitchen in 2023.

Social networks of the company «Invest repair and property management»

It will perfectly complement the general trend for environmental friendliness and closeness to nature, as well as unobtrusively add coziness and originality even to such strict and “cold” styles as minimalism or hi-tech.

To decorate the dining and working area fit:

  • Ceramics, in particular handmade dishes.
  • Clay vases or figurines.
  • Fresh flowers, dried flowers, herbs.
  • A beautifully designed mini-garden (for example, spicy herbs in identical pots).
  • Dishes with fruits.
  • Wooden boards and other accessories for cooking.
  • Lamps with straw lampshade.

7. No dining table

Today, apartment owners are increasingly abandoning the traditional dining table. And it doesn’t matter if it’s in a tiny studio or a spacious apartment.

Design: Denis and Anton Yurov. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin

The trend will clearly gain momentum — just like the rejection of capacious full-fledged headsets. This is due to the modern rhythm of life: we increasingly have lunch, dinner and even breakfast outside the home, so for many, the kitchen in the apartment ceases to be the main room. Enough of a small corner for a coffee break or a quick snack. And if one person or a couple without children lives in the apartment, then a wide island or bar counter is enough to replace a full-fledged dining table.

Of course, this solution is not suitable for everyone: for example, it will be uncomfortable for older people to sit even on the softest bar stools. But otherwise, the trend is quite bright, and it will obviously only strengthen its position — especially in the face of rising real estate prices and, accordingly, the growing popularity of small-sized housing.

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    Can a bar counter replace a dining table? Designers’ opinion

Actual interior styles

Despite the new trends appearing in the design of the kitchen, the design of this room will remain unchanged for at least several years. Here are some styles that will definitely not lose their relevance in the near future.


Social media studio Ard Design

Minimalism can hardly be called a trend — it is a whole philosophy of life without rigid design canons. The direction develops, changes and integrates into everyday life, going beyond the interior.

To make the interior design of the kitchen in this style relevant, follow the following rules.

  • Use warm diluted shades — they will add warmth to the room and compensate for the minimum amount of decor.
  • Little does not mean boring. Minimalistic interiors work due to the verified forms, color depth and combination of textures. It is the textures that need to be given special attention. Combine cold and warm textures, glossy and matte surfaces. Rough concrete or stone looks great with warm wood and cozy kitchen textiles. To enliven the interior, you can add 1-2 fresh flowers in minimalist flower pots, as well as make an accent apron: lay out unusual tiles or continue the tabletop material.
  • Design follows function, not the other way around. All furniture and appliances should be multi-tasking and arranged according to the principles of ergonomics.

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    10 trends in apartment design for 2022 (70 photos)


People will continue to strive for nature, including within the interior of their apartment.

Social media blogger love_my_home_pl

Ecostyle will not leave the list of popular trends for a long time, but, like minimalism, it has already become more of a concept than a set of stylistic markers.

The key idea of ​​ecodesign is the naturalness of all materials. In the top there is a tree or its eco-friendly analogues, which can be supplemented with artificial or natural stone, marble texture, precious metals. There should be a lot of light in the room, the decor should be only natural. Clay and ceramic dishes, textiles made from natural fabrics, accessories made of wood, stone, bamboo and other plant materials. Visually, eco-style can be close to Scandinavian interiors, minimalism or boho — depending on personal tastes and the overall style of the apartment.

  • 6 kitchen solutions that will last for decades


    6 kitchen solutions that will last for decades


If you are attracted to traditional interiors, opt for neoclassical — this is a more modern and comfortable version of the classic style.

Design: Irina Baldanova. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin. Style: Irina Bebeshina

In such spaces there is no «naphthalene» heaviness, bulky structures and too dense, sometimes «stuffy» colors. Instead, graceful lines, light furniture, trendy decor and noble, airy, very comfortable colors for the eyes. At the same time, neoclassicism does not abandon traditional canons: symmetry, the use of natural materials, precious metals, glass and crystal are welcome. In the dining area, you can hang a couple of original paintings, and decorate the walls with moldings. For the headset, both wood and its high-quality counterparts are suitable, as well as elements made of stone, marble, metal in gold.

Choosing window curtains: current models, the best fabrics and design options (64 photos)

Textiles add a sense of completeness to the space and make it cozy. And the design of the windows also provides comfort, protecting from the sun and adjusting the level of illumination of the room at different times of the day. In this article, we will show beautiful photos of window curtains, tell you what models and fabrics to choose, as well as how to hang curtains so as not to spoil the interior.

All about choosing window textiles

current models
— Curtains
– Roman
— Rolled
– Tulle
Fabric choice
— Material
— Color and pattern
How to hang

Suitable Models

It doesn’t matter if you follow interior fashion or don’t chase trends, there are models that will not become outdated and will definitely not spoil the interior.


Design: Karina Magolina. Photo: Ekaterina Titenko. Style: Natalia Oreshkova

The classic is always relevant. Simple floor curtains are suitable for any room and will fit into both modern and traditional styles. They can look completely different. It all depends on the type of fabric, its density and texture, as well as on the color scheme and the presence of patterns. So, in a minimalist interior, monophonic matte curtains will organically look, and for the classics, curtains made of patterned fabric with a slight sheen are suitable. Or, on the contrary, from heavy brocade or dense wool. Scandinavian or eco-style is characterized by light translucent curtains that allow natural light into the room.


Short curtains on the windows are ideal for areas with high pollution and rooms where restless children live.

Design: Anastasia Zabusova. Photo: Anton Brzhozovsky Save

Roman blinds are especially popular now. They are attached to the top of the opening and, when opened, reach the window sill. The material gathers up, forming beautiful folds. In some models, they are smooth and almost invisible, while others even have drapery when open.

Previously, Roman blinds were used in addition to curtains or tulle, but now they are increasingly found on their own. Thanks to the variety of materials, you can choose the right design: make textiles barely noticeable or accent, take a bright or calm color, a plain canvas or with an active pattern. Especially well this type of curtains is suitable for the kitchen. Due to the smaller amount of fabric, they will not collect dirt and absorb odors as much as ordinary curtains. In addition, canvases are made from various modern materials: washable, with a dirt and dust-repellent top layer or special impregnations. And in an apartment where there are children, especially in their private room, such window textiles are safer, since there is less risk of getting tangled in the canvas, pulling the curtain and accidentally tearing it or dropping the cornice on itself. Plus, it’s simply more economical because a Roman blind requires less supplies than a floor-length model.


Another option for laconic window framing is roller blinds. Like the Roman ones, they are short, up to the windowsill, and their principle of operation is similar.

Design: Marina Pavlova. Photo: Maxim Maximov. Style: Studio «The Art of Living Beautifully»

The difference is in the lifting mechanism. For roller shutters, this is a shaft-cornice, on which, rising up, a fabric or other material is wound. Previously, roll models were used in commercial interiors, but gradually they took root in residential spaces. And the simplest design turned from a disadvantage into an advantage. Such curtains look organically in minimalist interiors without any other textiles. If you want to add coziness to the room, they can be supplemented with light tulle or classic floor-length curtains. Like Roman, this is a good option for the kitchen if you need to protect the window from the sun, while keeping the amount of textiles to a minimum.


Now the trend is minimalism, visual simplicity and spacious air spaces.

Design: MDN Studio

Even if the apartment is not open-plan, this feeling can be created due to the large amount of natural light. Therefore, windows are now often left as open as possible. Hence, the popularity of tulle grows not only in the traditional role of a companion to curtains or blinds, but also as an independent textile on the window.

To make it look relevant:

  • Choose from natural or blended fabrics.
  • Avoid Lurex and any pronounced synthetic sheen.
  • The canvas should be translucent, soft, create natural folds.
  • Refuse draperies, ruffles, contrasting patterns and colorful patterns on the canvas.

If you want to hang only tulle on the window, but you do not have enough protection from the sun, you can complement it with light blackouts. They are almost invisible when assembled, and when opened they block up to 100% of the incoming light.

Fabric choice

In addition to the model, the curtain fabric is also important: both in terms of practicality (for example, you should choose different materials for the kitchen and bedroom), and in terms of design.


Design: Olga Slugina. Photo: Ekaterina Titenko. Style: Anna Chernyshova

Theoretically, curtains can be sewn from any fabric. But in order for the kit to look beautiful and last for a long time, it is better to choose materials specially designed for this.

Of course, everything natural is in trend now. But there are mixed and even fully synthetic materials with excellent characteristics and appearance. Here are the most current options:

  • Linen and cotton. Among natural fabrics, you can choose them. They are durable, environmentally friendly, do not cause allergies, look natural and comfortable. There are also small disadvantages: flax, if there are no impurities in it, shrinks heavily when washed, and cotton fades quickly enough in the sun.
  • Polyester — one of the most popular artificial materials now. It can be 100%, but most often it is added to other fabrics to make them more durable and elastic: for example, to the same linen, which immediately solves the shrinkage problem.
  • Viscose — Another synthetic fabric from which curtains are often sewn. Its main advantage is the variety of colors and patterns, but the strength leaves much to be desired, since the material itself is quite thin. Therefore, it is better to choose viscose with impurities: for example, it can be cotton.
  • Jacquard — dense, shape-holding, elegant-looking material. Perfect for curtains in the living room or office. Jacquard does not fade, so these curtains can be hung in a room facing the sunny side. The only negative is that puffs can remain on the canvas, so the curtains must be handled carefully and protected from animals.
  • Atlas — if, nevertheless, matte fabrics are not for you, then you should choose satin. You will get a canvas with a very discreet, noble, soft sheen, similar to colored glass. Such curtains will look good both in the front living room and in the boudoir bedroom. The only negative is the high price of the material.
  • Taffeta — mixed fabric, which includes cotton, polyester, viscose, silk, acetate. Such a mixture of materials gives it excellent characteristics: matter does not deform, does not transmit light, drapes easily and lasts a long time. Suitable for both living rooms and kitchens. Of the minuses — it shrinks when washed and wrinkles quite easily.

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    6 types of curtains that are out of fashion and can ruin the interior

Color and Pattern

The design of the fabric is no less important than its composition, because the design of the windows creates a complete image of the interior.

Design: Elmina Guy. Photo: Roman Spiridonov

How to choose color and pattern:

  • The most important general rule is that light colors visually increase the space, while dark ones give the opposite effect. If the room is small, it is better to choose textiles in cream, sand, gray, cream or pastel colors.
  • If the windows face the sunny side and you want to “cool down” the space, take neutral or cold shades: blue, lavender, steel gray, etc. If, on the contrary, the room lacks natural light, compensate for it with warm colors: yellow, terracotta, coral, brown, beige tones.
  • The smaller the openings, the more they need to be opened so that the interior is not dark and gloomy. Choose single-layer straight drapes, sheer tulle or short curtains for small windows.
  • Any drawing attracts the eye. If you want to make window textiles accent, choose actual patterns: geometry, stylized botany, laconic abstraction. If you do not want to draw attention to the windows, either abandon the ornament altogether, or choose canvases with a low-contrast pattern, ideally in the color of the fabric itself.
  • Remember that the size of the ornament should be proportional to the dimensions of the room. A large drawing will look good in a spacious room, a small one in a small one. So that patterned curtains do not look lonely and foreign, repeat their pattern or at least the colors from it in other interior elements. It can be the same textiles: carpet, upholstery, decorative pillows or bedding.

Choosing the color of curtains without the participation of a professional is quite difficult. If you don’t have a finished picture in your head, there is a simple life hack: choose the shade of the canvas for something. So, for example, they can repeat the shade of walls or large furniture, duplicate one bright color from accent wallpaper, be combined with an apron in the kitchen, moldings, other textiles or decor.

  • Under what to choose the color of the curtains in the interior: 9 options with which you can not go wrong


    Under what to choose the color of the curtains in the interior: 9 options with which you can not go wrong

How to hang curtains on windows

So that the window decor does not spoil the entire interior, it is important to hang the curtains correctly.

Design: Ksenia Guziy

Here are some helpful tips:

  • If the room does not initially have high ceilings (from 3 meters), then your task is to visually raise them. To do this, it is better to choose a simple cornice, which, by the way, can be hung not directly along the border of the opening, but a little higher. Also avoid wide and contrasting horizontal stripes on the canvas. Floor-length curtains will also visually stretch the walls up.
  • Hidden eaves are very popular now. It hides in a tension structure, often in the same place they make an inconspicuous LED backlight. The result is a feeling of a floating ceiling, and the curtains seem to come straight out of it. It looks stylish and also helps to visually make the space more spacious and taller.
  • Pay attention to the details and quality of tailoring: even the most expensive fabrics will lose all their effectiveness if they hang ugly on the ledge and puff up. If possible, order individual tailoring exactly to the size of your window openings.
  • If the room is decorated neutrally, window textiles can be made an accent element: through rich color, ornament or decorative elements. In this case, beautiful garters, tassels, light drapery, and a multi-layer composition will be appropriate.
  • Remember that the cornice and fittings are also a design element. If you have a classic-style interior, choose a noble wooden fixture, and rings or hooks should not be made of cheap plastic. For more modern trends, choose concise, preferably inconspicuous details.

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    How beautiful to hang curtains: ideas for different rooms and 90 best photo examples

Curtains on the doorway: how to stylishly decorate the portal with textiles and not only (52 photos)

Curtains for a doorway are not a very common choice today. Who is this solution for? When is the best time to quit? What type of textile will suit your interior? How are curtains different from curtains? What do macrame woven curtains look like? What are wooden curtains? And what is the name of the hanging curtains in the doorway? We will give answers to all questions in this article and show successful examples in the photo.

All about decorating a doorway with curtains

Pros and cons
Types of curtains
— Curtains and curtains
– Tulle
— Macrame
— Curtains-beads
– threads
How to choose the size
Bonus: doorway decor with glass doors

Curtains instead of a door: pros and cons

Social networks of designer Lyudmila Danilevich


  1. Price. There are many ways to decorate an interior passage. The most obvious is to install a door. If we are talking about an open portal, it can be decorated with wood, stone or stucco. But all these solutions are quite expensive. Compared to them, textile decor is much more economical. It is enough to purchase a cornice and, in fact, the curtain itself.
  2. Easy installation. Not everyone will independently undertake the installation of a door or finishing slopes. But with a curtain or a curtain, everything is different, and quite easily. How to hang a curtain in a doorway? This task can be solved independently, without the involvement of third-party masters. Ordinary cornices are used, of any type, if we are talking about an open portal. If the canvas needs to be fixed on the door, special cornices are used. Today they can be easily found on sale.
  3. Versatility and variety. The choice of fabric today is large, this will allow you to choose the right solution for any interior and style. Whether it’s strict minimalism or luxurious art deco. The same goes for shades. A choice of fabrics of all colors of the rainbow and even more.
  4. Ease of replacement. The door leaf is usually installed once every few years. The same applies to the finishing of the portal with stone or wood. Even if the taste and preferences in design change, it will not be easy to decide to update a complex structure. And the work itself will certainly be costly. Curtains are different. It is easy to change according to your mood. With its help, it is easy to change the summer decor of the house for autumn, and autumn — for winter.
  5. Non-standard. Although curtains are often used to decorate transitions from one room to another, it still looks more original than an ordinary interior door. In addition, this technique always adds coziness to the space.


  1. Complicated cleaning. The door leaf, open portal or arch is quite easy to clean from dust and dirt. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth. With fabric, everything is more complicated. First, it accumulates more dust. Secondly, it will have to be removed and washed. If there are pets in the house, the problem becomes even more difficult. After all, wool is added to the dust. Families with allergies should avoid this decision.
  2. Lack of soundproofing. A tightly closed door leaf allows you to muffle the sounds and noises from neighboring rooms. Textiles, alas, will not solve this problem.
  3. Limited privacy. In a room where there is a curtain instead of a door, it will not work to close. Therefore, if it is important for you to be able to restrict access to the room, choose a door. For example, if it is an office or a workshop.

  • What curtains are in fashion now: 7 trends in 2022 (106 photos)


    What curtains are in fashion now: 7 trends in 2022 (106 photos)

Curtains on the doorway: design options

Social networks of blogger Olga Engovatova

Draperies and curtains, tulle, roller blinds, beaded curtains made of wood, bamboo, beads, shiny crystals, threads: there are many varieties of curtain aisle design. We will talk about those ways of decorating a doorway with curtains in the interior that look relevant in a modern way.

Classic curtains and light curtains

Design: Alena Matisova. Style: Aisa Sanzhieva, Anna Kozhanova. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin

Draperies are a choice not only for classics and neoclassics. Heavy, massive canvases, with even, dense folds, add respectability, elegance and luxury to the space. Such curtains will be good in spacious rooms with fairly high ceilings. For decoration, you can use two curtains or limit yourself to one.

  • In classic interiors, such textiles are elegantly fixed with tiebacks. But if you leave them to fall freely on the floor, then the curtains will be appropriate even in laconic minimalism.
  • For modern interiors, one-color fabric is chosen, either two-tone, or with a discreet print. The abundance of gilding, lurex, massive ornament in the form of monograms, frills, ruffles and lambrequins should be avoided.

Curtains differ from curtains in the density and thickness of the fabric. Curtains are thinner, sometimes even translucent. Such textiles are typical for light Scandinavian interiors, modern style, eco-style, as well as for houses in rustic aesthetics. If a dense fabric is able to protect against drafts and really isolate the room, curtains perform, rather, a decorative function. Although visually they still zone the space. Especially relevant today are natural fabrics: linen, cotton. Or their high-quality imitation. Unlike classic curtains, curtains do not need additional decor. Usually they are left free, without pickups and fasteners. It is better to give preference to natural, natural shades: white, milky, ivory, various shades of gray.


Tulle is an almost universal choice. It will be appropriate in the classics, and in scandi, and in minimalism. Lace mesh is suitable for rustic interiors.


Of course, this is purely decorative. You should not expect any useful functions from it. But tulle is good in small rooms where there is little light. It will add air, lightness and visually will not make the space more heavy and overloaded. If you are not confident in your knowledge of design, choose white tulle — this is the most versatile solution.

  • Tulle in the interior: current trends, unfashionable solutions and 110 photos


    Tulle in the interior: current trends, unfashionable solutions and 110 photos

Decorative curtains on the doorway using macrame technique

Perhaps the most atmospheric and unusual solution. A macrame curtain is an elegant interweaving of hundreds of dense threads, which forms various patterns and ornaments.

Telegram @kaktus_decor77

Macrame curtains are made exclusively by hand. Therefore, the price for them is not small. But the wow effect is guaranteed. Macrame curtains will decorate scandi, boho interiors, eco-style, will be good in rustic styles.


It was with such hanging curtains that our mothers and grandmothers decorated doorways. Curtains made of bamboo sticks or wooden beads can still look relevant today. But not in any interior.


Wooden and bamboo curtains on the doorway will be appropriate in boho or scandi-boho style, in eco-style, rustic and some retro interiors. Such curtains perform only decorative and zoning functions. From prying eyes, they, alas, will not hide. But practically do not accumulate dust. And in case of pollution they are easy to wash. It is convenient to take care of such curtains: they do not need to be ironed and steamed.

Filament curtains on the doorway

This is the so-called muslin, the very favorite hanging curtains by many. They are noodles made of thin threads, fastened with a ribbon on top.

Social networks of designer Margarita Stolyarova

To make such a solution look appropriate in a modern interior, choose matte plain textiles without unnecessary shine and decorative elements: beads, beads, rhinestones, etc. Interestingly, filament curtains look in tandem with ordinary curtains or curtains.

  • How beautiful to hang curtains: ideas for different rooms and 90 best photo examples


    How beautiful to hang curtains: ideas for different rooms and 90 best photo examples

How to choose the size

If ordinary curtains that decorate windows are now often made long, lying on the floor, for curtains in a doorway, this is not the best solution. Too long fabric will interfere with the passage, it will be inconvenient to move such a curtain. In addition, it will collect even more dust. Therefore, it is better to leave a small gap between the bottom edge of the canvas and the floor — 1-2 centimeters.

Design: Oksana Agaponova. Photo: Roman Spiridonov

The width depends on your preference. Someone needs lush and tight folds. And someone prefers a more casual and democratic look. The more folds, the more fabric will be required for decoration. On average, the width of the canvas can be calculated by the formula: X \u003d Y × K. Where X is the width of the fabric, Y is the length of the cornice, K is the assembly factor. The minimum value of K is 1.5. In this case, small, light folds are formed. For more voluminous, you need to choose a factor of 2 or 3.

  • How to wash curtains: instructions for hand and machine washing


    How to wash curtains: instructions for hand and machine washing

Bonus: doorway decor with glass doors

In the previous paragraphs, we have discussed the choice of decor for the passage without a door. But sometimes the opening with the door is also needed. For example, if the door is glass and not tinted. Such an opening, of course, can be decorated with traditional curtains and curtains, tulle, threads. But there are also alternative options.

Design: Marina Zenova

In modern interiors, the decor of glass doors with roller blinds looks good. Concise, monophonic models are relevant. The design of transparent blinds doors looks very stylish. Designers often use wooden horizontal structures.

How designers use vintage items in the interior: 6 valuable examples that will inspire you

Using vintage items found on the Internet, at a flea market or at grandmothers’ houses in the interior is a trend that is not going to give up. Today, vintage items can be seen in modern interiors, and in those where they deliberately tried to add historicism. We invite you to be inspired by examples from designers!

one Vintage lamp in the kitchen

The Pineapple chandelier of the Soviet period, which took pride of place in the kitchen in this project, provided inspiration for the entire interior. This is not just a lamp, but a memory from childhood, pleasant emotions and sensations that had to be preserved and brought into the new apartment of the hostess. “The vintage chandelier went to the hostess from her grandmother. All childhood, waking up in the morning, the customer looked at this chandelier,” said Alena Matisova, the author of the project.

As a result, the interior turned out to be bright and eclectic. There is a lot of color, light and details that attract the eye.

  • Vintage in your interior: how to decorate a house without turning it into a museum


    Vintage in your interior: how to decorate a house without turning it into a museum

2 Bedside tables from the 70s in the bedroom

In this project by Olga Slugina, the interior turned out to be classic. The apartment is located in St. Petersburg, in a pre-revolutionary building, so I wanted an appropriate atmosphere in the setting. It was created using classical stucco on the walls, wooden parquet, large chandeliers and furniture.

For example, in the bedroom bedside tables — a classic form. This is a 70s vintage from Romania. They were painted in the color of the walls, which literally “dissolves” the furniture in space, but at the same time, the outlines are still guessed.

3 Chairs, armchair and office chair

In the project of Svetlana Kuksova — an apartment for a married couple — the interior is built on a combination of modernity and vintage. And in fact, there are a lot of vintage things here: these are chairs in the kitchen (real Thonet), and an armchair in the sleeping area, and a work chair in the living room at the desktop. The objects are organically inscribed in the space and it seems as if they have always stood there — but this is the essence of the harmonious combination of modern and vintage.

  • Long-lasting trend: vintage style in the interior

    Interior styles

    Long-lasting trend: vintage style in the interior

four Mirror in the bathroom

Designed by Karina Seiful-Mulyukova, this apartment has a modern interior, but with historical touches. The place «obliged» — the apartment is located in a stalinka building in the center of Moscow.
One of the vintage items is a mirror in the guest bathroom. This room in itself is one of the brightest due to the decoration; wallpaper with a tropical theme was pasted here. Above the small sink is just the same mirror in a golden frame, which is ideally combined with other golden details: a faucet, a holder for towels and toilet paper, a hygienic shower. Beauty is manifested not only in the whole, but also in the details.

5 Wardrobe, sideboard, chairs, armchairs and more

This project by Ksenia Guziy is an apartment in St. Petersburg in a 1900 house, which was divided into two studios for rent to city guests. Vintage is in each of the apartments. So, for example, in the “blue” room there are chairs in the dining area, an armchair of the 19th century, which can be safely classified as an antique, a stove is also a legacy of this house.

The “crimson” apartments have a vintage wardrobe, the kitchen is decorated with a part of an old sideboard, and the dining area is decorated with chairs. And also lamps! Vintage pieces hang over the dining tables, as does the blue suite’s bathroom.

These details made it possible to recreate the spirit of a bygone era and bring a unique charm to the interiors.

  • Fashion for retro and vintage: 5 things you can and even need to find at the flea market


    Fashion for retro and vintage: 5 things you can and even need to find at the flea market

6 Antique sideboard in the dining area

This one-room apartment designed by Anna Loginova is filled with prints, textures, and interesting details. The dining area has an antique buffet. It was not found immediately, the search took several months, but on the other hand — the right copy that fit in in an authentic way!

It surprises: 5 unusual solutions for the kitchen that we found from designers

one Stainless steel work surface

Do you want to design a truly anti-vandal interior? Then take the example of designer Yuriy Lutsenko, who set up his small studio in Rostov-on-Don. It is intended for short-term rental, so the interior had to be stylish, functional, memorable and practical. The kitchen area is very small. We want to pay attention to the design of the headset. It was made to order, the main material is plywood. The cabinets are painted, while the top and backsplash are covered with stainless steel: practical and unusual! The designer says that you can even cut food without a cutting board on it — it’s hard to come up with a more “vandal-proof” one. It’s also a very budget friendly solution!

  • Small but stylish: 5 perfect kitchens from designers


    Small but stylish: 5 perfect kitchens from designers

2 From a different angle — an expanded kitchen

Designer Olga Slugina used an unusual technique, and not in one of her projects, but we will consider this one — a one-room apartment turned almost into a two-room apartment due to the skillful distribution of the area, and this was achieved, among other things, thanks to the re-equipment of the kitchen. So, the headset was turned at an angle, but on the contrary — a part ended up on the corridor area. Opposite — columns with a built-in refrigerator, oven. The functionality of the kitchen is preserved, but it seems to take up less space, there is space for a full-fledged dining area, a living room and a separate bedroom behind a glass partition.

3 Mirror inside headset

What if we move away from the issue of functionality and practicality and think about aesthetics? The decorative component of the kitchen is also important. So, for example, in the project of Alena Matisova, part of the upper cabinets is replaced by a shelf, inside the wall is decorated with a mirror, decorated with two sconces, and on top there is a module that hides communications. It turned out a kind of niche with a mirror inside. It looks beautiful, unusual, and when the sconces are on, there will be even more light due to the presence of mirror surfaces.

  • 5 secrets to planning a headset in a small kitchen


    5 secrets to planning a headset in a small kitchen

four Additional hood

The kitchen in the project of designers Alexey and Ekaterina Savitsky turned out to be very functional. The request from the hostess initially included a comfortable kitchen, she loves to cook, and this wish was fulfilled to the maximum. So, one of the special details is a separate closed cabinet with shelves where there are different products, and at the bottom there is an electric grill. Sockets are also provided. Since the steam will come out, a built-in hood was made here — it is convenient to cook, there is no need to carry small household appliances from place to place.

If you have free space in your apartment and you are fond of cooking, consider repeating this technique.

5 Part of an old sideboard instead of an upper cabinet

Ksenia Guziy’s project is unusual in every way — the designer has transformed an apartment in an old fund (1900 house) in St. Petersburg, now these are two apartments for rent to city guests. In one of the apartments, along with a modern set, there is a part of an old buffet — it was found in a village in the Nizhny Novgorod region, restored and delivered to St. Petersburg. The kitchen now looks truly unique.

  • Before and after: 6 spectacular kitchens redesigned by designers


    Before and after: 6 spectacular kitchens redesigned by designers

Wow effect: 6 examples of kitchens with beautiful facades

one Classic set in deep blue

At the heart of this interior is a love of vintage and color. As a base, we took a complex turquoise, which in one form or another is present in all functional areas. It also has a kitchen set. It is made to match the rest of the interior, in the same turquoise hue with classically shaped facades. The kitchen looks elegant, and, despite the richness of the rest of the interior, it is not lost against the backdrop of spectacular details.

2 Kitchen with gold fronts

The brightest accent in the interior of this kitchen-living room is a golden set. Despite the fact that the facades are made in a catchy color, it goes well with the living area. All thanks to the repeating colors: gold, green, as well as a shade of wood. The upper tier of cabinets in gold is duplicated in the design of bar stools, their base is also decorated in gold. Curtains, decorative pillows on the sofa, parts of the coffee table are also made in gold. Despite some pomposity, in fact, this interior looks very cozy and harmonious.

  • It's unusual: kitchens made of stainless steel and other metal


    It’s unusual: kitchens made of stainless steel and other metal

3 Ultramarine kitchen with spectacular hood

The facades of the suite (as well as the walls in this kitchen) are painted in a bright blue hue and complemented by gold fittings. A rich palette makes the interior memorable and individual, and the details add gloss. One of the main elements is a three-dimensional extract of a beautiful complex shape with a carved edge. In fact, a geyser is also hiding under the dome.

four Kitchen in olive color

Unusual color schemes can be not only bright and contrasting, but also completely neutral. In this case, the set is made in a calm olive hue, but the thing is that in the Provence interior, the whole palette is usually very diluted. That is why the olive kitchen in this interior looks impressive. By the way, the dining group also supports the color scheme on the facades — the upholstery of the chairs is made in the same shade.

  • Olive color in the interior: learning to use a trendy shade of green (125 photos)

    Colors in the interior

    Olive color in the interior: learning to use a trendy shade of green (125 photos)

5 Contrasting kitchen

Choosing colors that contrast in warmth is a popular technique not only in wall or floor decoration, but also in furniture design. So, two colors were used here: cold, saturated blue and neutral warm beige. Together they create a harmonious pair, besides, despite the opposite shades, both base colors look quite neutral, and the different sizes of the headset drawers help to visually lighten the entire structure and make it more airy.

6 Set with multi-colored cabinets

The colorful and unusual interior of the kitchen can be decorated using a combination of bright colors. For example, in this project, turquoise and sunny yellow were chosen for the headset. The palette looks very cheerful and fresh, and thanks to the white background, rich shades do not overload the interior. The fittings were made in a contrasting black color — it acts as an additional accent on the facades. Such a bright headset is a rather bold decision. To some, it may seem redundant, but in any case, rich-colored furniture looks catchy and impressive.

  • 8 unusual shades for the kitchen set


    8 unusual shades for the kitchen set

5 best color combinations for a peaceful bedroom

one Muted pink and beige

To create a cozy boudoir atmosphere, a combination of muted pink and beige shades is well suited. They look especially good on matte textured surfaces: decorative panels, headboard, curtains. This color scheme will be appropriate in any interior style, but it looks especially elegant in neoclassical.

How to use

Since these are two calm and deep shades, they do not argue with each other and do not overload the space visually. Therefore, any proportions are possible: for example, 50 to 50 or 70 to 30. Use black and gold as additional color accents — they will bring the necessary contrast to a calm palette.

2 Light lavender and pink

A more airy color combination for a calm bedroom is light shades of lavender and pink. They are less often used in the interior than, for example, beige or gray, so they are suitable for those who want to create an unconventional palette without bright accents.

How to use

Shade these colors with a cool tone of white. It can be used for ceilings, textiles and large furniture. But warm colors next to lavender and pink are best avoided so that they do not clash in temperature. As a small accent, you can take a muted green or wine shade.

  • Bright and neutral: 8 beautiful color combinations in the bedroom


    Bright and neutral: 8 beautiful color combinations in the bedroom

3 Sand and gray

To create a visually warm and soft color scheme in the bedroom, try a combination of sandy beige and light gray. It will turn out sunny, but at the same time calm interior, which will help you tune in to rest and will look cozy even in cloudy weather.

How to use

Make sure that the depth and saturation of these two shades match. Use them on different surfaces: in textiles, decoration, furniture. Then it will be possible to achieve the effect of a smooth flow of one color into another without sharp boundaries, and the space will be perceived as a whole and harmoniously.

four Herbal and pink terracotta

If you want to decorate your bedroom with color, but at the same time avoid the feeling of brightness and excessive energy, combine natural shades: for example, herbal and muted terracotta with pink undertones. Green in this case will act as the basis of the interior color scheme, and the second color will become an accent. Therefore, their combination should be in a proportion of approximately 80 to 20.

How to use

It is enough to pick up one large piece of furniture and one accessory in an accent pink-terracotta color. And soothing green can be used in decoration. Be sure to paint on the wall to find the right shade. A warm tone with a slight admixture of yellow will look good. Such a pair will be successfully shaded by cold white or gray. Use them for ceiling, furniture or textiles.

  • 5 Bad Bedroom Colors (and Why You Shouldn't Use Them)


    5 Bad Bedroom Colors (and Why You Shouldn’t Use Them)

5 Gray and green

Those who are better at relaxing in a dark space will love the classic combination of dark gray and rich green. The latter will help to avoid excessive gloom and coldness in such a palette.

How to use

Take gray as a base and generously add green as a second base color. At the same time, it is important to stick to one tone so that the interior looks more solid and thoughtful. For example, choose textiles for your favorite wall paint or vice versa. For accents in such a bedroom, you can use black or white or add warmth with beige.

7 autumn decor ideas for an apartment that breathe warmth and comfort

Do you want to update the interior for the fall? The video listed decoration ideas

one Choose decor in the «autumn» palette

The first association that this time of year evokes is bright and colorful nature. Therefore, in order to create the appropriate atmosphere at home, feel free to borrow a palette from the autumn forest. Green, yellow, brown, orange, ocher and red — all these colors go well with each other, and the easiest way to add them to the interior is through decor or textiles. Choose the most natural, deep and complex shades, otherwise such accessories will look cheap, and you will not be able to achieve the desired effect.

2 Place leaves and branches in a vase

An easy and budget-friendly way to decorate your home in October is to head to the park and pick up large fallen leaves. They can be placed throughout the house in beautiful vases. Such compositions will stand unchanged for a long time and attract attention. If you want to make the autumn bouquet more voluminous and varied, you can also cut in your garden or buy several branches of barberry, euonymus, hawthorn, elderberry or cotoneaster in a flower shop.

  • 7 stunningly cozy autumn interiors that you will want to repeat


    7 stunningly cozy autumn interiors that you will want to repeat

3 Arrange a few pumpkins in plain sight

Ornamental or real pumpkins are another popular fall attribute that will brighten up any room in the house without breaking the bank. Let them be of different sizes and shades so that the compositions with them look more interesting. An important point — if you use fruits, and not ceramic figurines, do not wash the pumpkins brought home under water and do not place them close to the batteries, otherwise they will begin to rot in a couple of days. Just wipe them with a dry cloth if there is soil left on them.

four Use textured textiles

Another autumn association that exudes comfort is textiles with a pronounced texture. Throw a blanket on the chair, lay a fluffy carpet, put knitted covers on sofa cushions. Choose tactilely pleasant, preferably natural fabrics. The interior will immediately seem warmer and softer, and you will want to warm yourself from the weather outside the window.

  • 7 trends in window decoration with curtains


    7 trends in window decoration with curtains

5 Make a cozy light

The easiest way to make the room visually cozier and warmer is by adding candles and garlands to the interior. But since this is already a rather stereotyped technique, you can fit them into space in a more complex way. For example, not just hang a garland along the wall, but place it on a shelf between books and decor, or hide it inside a cupboard with transparent doors. And instead of the usual candles in a glass cup, pick up long models of white or red and put them in a beautiful candlestick. They look aristocratic and are used less frequently.

6 Add hints of magic

In the autumn decor, you can safely use fabulous accessories. The most obvious way is to arrange Halloween paraphernalia in advance if you like the atmosphere of this holiday. Or you can just remember your favorite books about elves or the school of magic and add references to them to the interior. Also in the folklore of any country there are autumn tales — you can take them as a basis and improvise.

  • We do it like a stylist: 5 steps for choosing decor for your interior


    We do it like a stylist: 5 steps for choosing decor for your interior

7 Choose beautiful dishes

The kitchen also has room for cozy seasonal updates. Get a couple of new pumpkin-shaped mugs or a set of forest-inspired plates. At the same time, complement them with a beautiful autumn composition in a vase and a tablecloth in warm, rich colors.

Cover photo: Unsplash

How Designers Decorate the Wall Behind the Headboard: 6 Delightful Examples

one Reiki and moldings

Moldings go well with different wall finishes: paint, wallpaper, decorative plaster. In a modern style, they can be replaced with wooden slats. So, in the example in the photo, they are placed behind the headboard at different distances from each other, and duplicate the shade of the curtains in color. Thanks to this, an interesting rhythmic pattern is obtained, which seems to continue the textile design. This decor option looks neutral and at the same time makes the space more voluminous. Also, moldings and slats are a great zoning tool. They will emphasize the bed and visually distinguish it from the rest of the space.

2 Bright poster or picture

A traditional and timeless way to decorate the wall behind the bed is a poster or a picture. It can be a neutral version in pastel colors with an inscription, or, conversely, a contrasting pattern that will become the main accent in the room. For example, the interior of this bedroom is decorated in soothing colors with local bright splashes in textiles and decor. The colorful portrait goes well with the decorative pillows on the bed. Due to the fact that the rest of the space looks very calm, this decor does not overload the interior and does not interfere with relaxation. An interesting technique is not to hang a picture on the wall, but to put it on the back of the bed.

  • 5 beautiful bedrooms with an accent wall


    5 beautiful bedrooms with an accent wall

3 LED inscription

A bright and unusual trick for the bedroom is to hang a neon sign behind the bed, adding industrial touches to the interior. This is not the most typical solution for a bedroom, but that is why it looks interesting. If the overall gamma is neutral and you don’t want to compromise its integrity, choose a backlight of a calm color and not too complex a picture or text. By the way, this decor can be an alternative to bedside lamps or sconces. It can be used when soft, intimate lighting is required, such as for reading or relaxing.

four Decorative panel

A more interesting alternative to a poster or a picture would be a decorative panel at the head of the bed. At the same time, its shape and size can be very different — depending on the style of the interior and the size of the room. So, in a small bedroom, it is better to hang something small and low-contrast in order to maintain the overall visual proportions of the room. If the room is spacious, you can afford a larger and brighter decor. The main thing is that it looks harmonious against the background of other objects and the overall color scheme.

  • Get inspired: 5 incredible interiors with wall panels


    Get inspired: 5 incredible interiors with wall panels

5 contrast paint

You can use a minimum of decor or abandon it altogether, and paint the wall behind the headboard in a rich color. In this case, you determine the degree of brightness yourself. If you want to get a fairly calm and relaxed interior, choose a neutral base and a slightly more active paint for the accent wall. And if your goal is a dynamic color space, you can experiment with a complex palette. However, remember that too bright design in a small room can be very tiring, so in any case, dilute the saturated shades.

6 Accent wallpaper

You can beautifully decorate the space behind the head of the bed with the help of accent wallpaper. Feel free to choose a contrasting shade or an active print (or both). Finishing combinations can be very different. Among the most popular are a combination of blue and beige, a bright ornament in combination with plain walls, a geometric pattern next to a floral one. So that accent wallpapers do not look foreign in the interior, emphasize their color or style with textiles and decor.

  • 5 interiors with accent wallpaper that you want to repeat

    Decoration Materials

    5 interiors with accent wallpaper that you want to repeat