Overview of the Weissgauff DW 4035 dishwasher: reviews, pros / cons


This dish­wash­er is com­pact in size — its height is 85 cm, width — 60, depth — 54 cm. How­ev­er, in terms of capac­i­ty it is not infe­ri­or to larg­er mod­els — you can wash up to 10 sets of dish­es in one cycle.

Functionality Weissgauff DW 4035

The dish­wash­er is equipped with all the nec­es­sary wash­ing pro­grams: stan­dard, inten­sive, fast and del­i­cate. There is a delay start timer (up to 24 hours) and leak­age pro­tec­tion.45698

Use­ful fea­tures:

  • leak­age pro­tec­tion sys­tem;
  • delayed start;
  • pro­tec­tion from chil­dren;
  • leak­age pro­tec­tion;
  • pro­gram exe­cu­tion time con­trol.


  • capa­cious;
  • wide func­tion­al­i­ty;
  • eco­nom­i­cal con­sump­tion of water and ener­gy;
  • low noise and vibra­tion lev­els.

Distinctive features

  • A dis­tinc­tive fea­ture of the Weiss­gauff DW 4035 1500 dish­wash­er is the pres­ence of a dis­play that shows the para­me­ters of the device you have cho­sen.
  • equipped with child pro­tec­tion.

Pros and cons of the model


  • mul­ti­func­tion­al­i­ty;
  • eco­nom­i­cal con­sump­tion of water and elec­tric­i­ty;
  • econ­o­my in the con­sump­tion of deter­gents;
  • the abil­i­ty to adjust the tem­per­a­ture of wash­ing dish­es;
  • leak­age pro­tec­tion;
  • the pos­si­bil­i­ty of delay­ing the start of the pro­gram.


  • high price;
  • no upper bas­ket for dish­es.


  • num­ber of placed sets: 10 sets;
  • water con­sump­tion per cycle: 9 l;
  • pow­er con­sump­tion per cycle: 740 Wh;
  • invert­er motor: no;
  • dry­ing type: con­dens­ing;
  • dis­play: yes;
  • Delay start timer: yes






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