Choosing window curtains: current models, the best fabrics and design options (64 photos)

Textiles add a sense of completeness to the space and make it cozy. And the design of the windows also provides comfort, protecting from the sun and adjusting the level of illumination of the room at different times of the day. In this article, we will show beautiful photos of window curtains, tell you what […]

Choosing a sofa in the living room: 72 photos in the interior, trendy models and materials

The central element of any recreation area is a soft group. It should be not only stylish, but also comfortable to use. In this article, we tell you which sofas for the living room in a modern style are now in trend and what to look for when choosing a model. Choosing a sofa in […]

How to sheathe a house cheaply and beautifully from the outside: 5 available options

Facade decoration is perhaps a more important stage of construction and repair than interior decoration. The outer part of the building is regularly exposed to adverse weather conditions: bright sun, rain, wind, hail, snow. Among the most popular options for the facade are various types of siding, wood paneling, stucco mixes or bricks. But each […]

Wallpaper for the nursery: the best colors, suitable materials and 96 photo examples

A room for a child is a whole small world where he plays, develops, relaxes, studies, and engages in hobbies. The design should be appropriate: practical, safe and, of course, visually interesting. Finishing plays a special role in this. In today’s article, we’ll show you how to choose the perfect wallpaper for your child’s room, […]

8 useful IKEA things that those who have switched to remote work need

one Pillow «Sammankoppla», 1 999 rubles The good thing about working from home is that you don’t have to spend all day at your desk. You can take a laptop and lie down on a bed, sofa or even on a carpet. And to make it comfortable and not numb back, put an Asian triangular […]

Bed with upholstered headboard: tips for choosing and 70 photos for inspiration

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Tulle in the interior: current trends, unfashionable solutions and 110 photos

The tulle curtain seems to be a timeless classic. But over time, they began to refuse such curtains, preferring other solutions. What to do: leave or remove? If you leave, then which one, and is yours relevant? We’ll figure out. And for clarity, consider 110 photos of tulle in the interiors of designers. All about […]

Bathroom curtain: stylish ideas, modern materials and 80 beautiful photos

Thin, shapeless oilcloth sticking to the body, flashy, colorful prints, yellowed edges from water and soap — until now, many people imagine this picture when they hear the phrase «bath curtain». But things are no longer the same: in recent years, the shower curtain has undergone a real evolution and is no longer considered a […]

6 IKEA merchandise chips that you can find in other stores

IKEA is associated with democratic design and a huge selection of products at an affordable price: from kitchen sets to towel hooks. In addition, the Swedish store has always been famous for its thoughtful approach to storing and organizing even the smallest spaces, and in recent years has paid a lot of attention to caring […]